Monmouth College Associate Director of Admission Wendy Downing

MONMOUTH. ILINOIS (February 25, 2021) — Monmouth College has been recognized as one of the nation's most transfer-friendly schools for community college students.

The College has been named to Phi Theta Kappa's 2021 Transfer Honor Roll. Phi Theta Kappa is the leading academic honorary society for students at two-year institutions.

Monmouth is one of 150 colleges and universities named to the honor roll for its “excellence in the development and support of dynamic and innovative transfer-pathways for community-college transfer-students," according to Monmouth Associate Director of Admission Wendy Downing.

“Monmouth Registrar Kristi Hippen and I have always been huge advocates for our transfer students, but it's nice to see that Phi Theta Kappa recognizes Monmouth as a transfer-friendly college,” Downing said.

Monmouth President Clarence R Wyatt said the national honor is the result of a campus-wide effort to work with students who want to transfer from a community college.

“As has long been true, Monmouth puts the student at the center of all that we do,” said Wyatt. “In recent years, that has included being a place that is more attractive and accessible to students who begin their college careers at two-year institutions. I am grateful to Phi Theta Kappa for this honor, and to our enrollment management staff and faculty whose great efforts have brought it about.”

Monmouth Dean of the Faculty Mark Willhardt noted that the College “has long had a tradition of welcoming talented transfer students to campus.”

“We're delighted with the recognition this award brings because it highlights our renewed efforts to help all students earn a quality education — rigorous, broad, skills-building — as they move toward work that sustains them throughout their lives,” said Willhardt. “Our enrollment management team has partnered with our faculty to create meaningful pathways and rich experiences.”

Business administration, education, exercise science, and psychology are among the more popular majors with community-college students who transfer to Monmouth.

"In many cases, students can earn a bachelor's degree in two years from Monmouth after studying for two years at a community college," Downing said.

Monmouth offers a special scholarship for community-college students who are a member of Phi Theta Kappa. The College also annually awards a full-tuition scholarship, the Wallace Founders Scholarship, to one transfer student.

In addition to being able to transfer most classes to Monmouth, Downing said that community-college students have told her they appreciate the interaction they have with the College's staff during the transfer process.

“Our staff and faculty meet with students when the students are available, whether that is in the evening or on the weekends,” Downing said. “We know that many students are busy, so we work around their schedules to help them with the transfer process.”

Downing said that Monmouth enjoys a good working relationship by the more than half-dozen community colleges that are an hour from the college.

“We have very strong community colleges in our region that do an excellent job preparing students to transfer to Monmouth, and we enjoy working with the faculty members at those schools,” she said.

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