Independent Candidate for Governor Makes Appearance at Wise Guys Pizza, Davenport, Monday Evening at 6 p.m.

SEPT 27, 2010 - DAVENPORT, IA - Jonathan Narcisse, the independent Iowa Party candidate for Governor, will address the monthly Tea Party meetup this evening, and take questions from those in attendance. The public is invited to attend and participate.

The mission of the Tea Party of the Quad Cities is:  "To provide the most effective forum for constitutional awareness and citizen vigilance for its members and their families, friends and neighbors."

The Tea Party oft he Quad Cities meets the last Monday of each month, in Iowa, at the Wise Guys Pizza located at 2408 E 53rd Street, Davenport, IA 52807.

Narcisse will expound on his published ideas and strategies for overhauling Iowa government via tax reform, education reform and establishing efficient, transparent and accountable state departments.

Narcisse will be available for interviews before and after the Tea Party of the Quad Cities meeting.  Contact 515-770-1218 to confirm availability.

Cyndi Diercks, organizer for the Tea Party of the Quad Cities stated in an email announcement invitation to tonight's meeting that, "As you well know the choices we have been given for Governor of the State of Iowa are Chet Culer and Terry Branstad. I know I am not happy with either choice, and I do know that many of my friends aren't either. The good news is we do have another choice, his name is Jonathan Narcisse."

The River Cities' Reader recently reported that Narcisse's "bold plan has the potential to connect with voters who are dissatisfied with government and politicians.  

But whether you agree with Narcisse's assessments or his ideas is beside the point. In a gubernatorial campaign featuring two people who've already held the office, Narcisse is an essential voice because he refuses to nibble around the edges or accept the way things have traditionally been done. He gives voters the opportunity to consider core questions of governance and talk about fundamentals.

Narcisse's primary value in this campaign is demonstrating that starting with common sense exposes the problems of beginning with the status quo."

Narcisse continues his "None of the Above" campaign stating that,  "Iowans are not enthusiatic about a sixth Branstad/Culver administration. Despite the two waging the most negative campaign in Iowa's history an honest examination of their records, practices, policies and especially their contributors, confirms the differences between these two men are primarily stylistic not substantive. Neither has offered a concrete plan to address the critical challenges facing our state. If they have I'd love to read it," stated Narcisse.

"As a member of the Des Moines School Board I fought for our children, parents, teachers and taxpayers and spoke truth to power without compromise. Iowans are hungry for that type of open, honest and accessible leadership that will place their needs and the needs of their children and this state above partisan and special interest politics. I bring that to the table," stated Narcisse.

"Our campaign also brings to the table real solutions. As I travel around the state, whether I meet with citizens, civic and political leaders or media I white board solutions. I show how we address the challenges of this state and how to pay for those solutions. In these times Iowans want to hear pragmatic ideas and common sense solutions."

The four pillars of the Narcisse for Iowa governance agenda are consistent with the values and priorities of Iowans:

* Creating accountable, efficient, and transparent government;
* Restoring a "World Class Plus" educational system;
* Rebuilding a low tax, free-market, prosperous state economy;
* Create a healthy Iowa by leading by example to fight lifestyle and obesity induced disease

Jonathan Narcisse is a former Des Moines School Board member, publisher and editor of multiple publications, radio show host and community advocate. During the early part of the decade he authored a 3,500 page report analyzing the condition of African-Americans in Iowa's 99 counties, and headed statewide health and education initiatives.

In 2009 Narcisse published "An Iowa Worth Fighting For: A Ten Step Vision Plan for 21st Century Governance." Narcisse evaluates the history of state expenditures versus population, reducing state government, corruption and accountability, tax reform, education reform through parental control and academic entrepreneurship, local control and property rights, public safety and drug interdiction and immigration reform.  The full text of this can be found at

He has received more than 400 national, state and local honors and awards including recognition from the Bush (Sr.), Clinton and Bush administrations and the Branstad, Vilsack and Culver administrations. He has finished second twice in national chess competitions and is a multiple state champion. He also had a 17-0 record as a semi-pro boxer while living in the Washington, D.C. area.

He has a son, Johnce, and two daughters, 14 year old daughter, Integrity, an 11 year old daughter, Perseverance and three grandchildren.

Narcisse, who lives in Des Moines, will is touring the state for the second time in two years, visiting with grass roots organizations, churches and the media.  Narcisse is circulating petitions to be included in the next two gubernatorial debates.  More info on that effort is available at Details on Jonathan's grassroots campaign can be found at  Media can contact Jonathan directly at 515-770-1218, or at

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