“Iowans are left wondering how Kim Reynolds will balance the budget”

Des Moines, IA - State Senator Nate Boulton, Democratic candidate for governor, made the following statement in reaction to Governor Kim Reynolds’ decision to ignore the budget crisis and refusing to call a special session to address the state’s budget shortfall:

“Once again, Iowans are left wondering how Kim Reynolds will balance the budget after she has over extended our state with almost $600 million in annual giveaways to huge corporations,” said Boulton. “It’s a gamble that isn’t working to increase wages and is ruining state finances. Her previous attempts to fill the holes in our budget have been on the backs of hardworking Iowans, by cutting overtime pay for overtime work, gutting collective bargaining rights, and underfunding our education system. Iowans need a leader who they can trust to have their back, not throw workers under the bus, running up the balance on the the state credit card, and then avoid calling a special session to take action on the underlying causes of her budget crisis: the alarming growth of corporate tax credits, exemptions, and giveaways that wreak havoc on state and local governments. All we learned today is that Iowans need to prepare for more drastic cuts when the legislature convenes in January, because no solutions to this worsening problem were announced today.”