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Get Listed or Claim Your Current Listing!

You can easily submit a new location or listing by navigating to the category
where you would like your listing located and selecting the 'Add your listing here' link...

Business owners or Individuals that are currently listed in our database can gain editing
control of their listing by navigating to the category where they are
listed and selecting the
'Claim' link in the menu below their listing. When
claiming a listing, you must either have an email of your company's
website that we can email a confirmation to, (example: an individual submitting a
claim to take over the RIBCO listing - johndoe@ribco.com) or you can
fill out your contact information in the claim listing your relation to the
business and a number where you can be contacted.

Site listing owners can also request additional category listings (example: a sports bar that serves American food and is
known for its wings could put its main listing in the 'Sports Bar'
category under Nightlife as well as request three additional
listings, such as (2)'Bar/Tavern'- NIGHTLIFE, (3)'American'-DISH
and (4)'Ribs'-DISH.)
Once the claim to a current listing has been
approved and ownership has been transferred, the new listing owner can
add a photo, change their main category, request
further category listings and enter other information. To
do this simply click on the edit icon that appears
next to your listing once you are logged into the site.

If you have any problems getting your listing entered or getting
your current listing 'claimed' please let us know at
info@rcreader.com and we will
help you out.

All claims are subject to the River Cities' Reader's approval as
well as additional category requests. If you feel you need more
than four total listings, email us and we will consider additional

If you have any additional ideas on how the 'In the Cities' listings could
be improved let us know. We hope this section can be of value
to the Quad Cities area and its surrounding communities and we are open
to any ideas to improve it!