LONE TREE, IOWA (June 12, 2024) — Nicholas Gluba, USMC veteran and City Council member from Lone Tree, proudly announces his candidacy for the District 1 US House Seat in Iowa on the Libertarian Party of Iowa ticket. With a background deeply rooted in the local community and a passion for individual liberties, Gluba's campaign aims to bring a fresh perspective to Washington, centered on the needs and values of Iowans.

"As a proud Iowan, I have a deep connection to our community and a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face," stated Gluba. "I am running on a platform of freedom for all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, social status, and gender. My campaign is built on the principles of personal freedom, economic opportunity, and accountable government."

Gluba's platform prioritizes several key issues:

  • Individual Liberty: Gluba emphasizes the importance of protecting personal freedoms and privacy, stating, "I believe truly all people should have the rights, liberties, and freedom to do whatever they want so long as it does not negatively affect the rights, liberties, and freedoms of any other individual."
  • Property Rights: He strongly opposes the use of eminent domain by private companies, asserting, "No private company should ever have the ability to enact eminent domain."
  • Economic Prosperity: Gluba advocates for a free-market economy that fosters innovation, job creation, and sustainable growth, recognizing the vital role of small businesses and entrepreneurs in driving Iowa's economy forward.
  • Gun Ownership Rights: He supports the right to own property, including firearms, as long as both parties in the trade can come to an agreement, stating, "All people should have the right to own anything they want if both parties in the trade can come to an agreement of ownership."
  • Anti-War Stance: Gluba firmly opposes unnecessary military interventions and advocates for a foreign policy grounded in diplomacy and peace, prioritizing the well-being of both Americans and global communities. Having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a US Marine, Gluba joined the Libertarian Party because of its consistent anti-war platform.

Gluba's extensive experience connects him deeply with everyday Iowans. Growing up on a cattle ranch between Williamsburg and Parnell, and now a long-time resident of Lone Tree, he has firsthand knowledge of the struggles of families in Iowa’s agricultural community and shares their values. Additionally, his roles as a Production Lead at Whirlpool in North Liberty and a Chef at Price Creek Event Center in Amana underscore his connection to both blue-collar workers and local entrepreneurs.

His recent appointment to the Lone Tree City Council further demonstrates his commitment to public service and community engagement.

"My candidacy is about empowering Iowans and amplifying their voices in Washington," Gluba affirmed. "I am dedicated to transparency, accountability, and serving as a tireless advocate for the people of Iowa."

LPIA Chairwoman Jules Cutler had this to say about the Libertarian Party candidate: 'Nicholas Gluba aligns with the party's core principles of individual liberty, free-market economics, and non-interventionist foreign policy. He has dutifully served his country as a Marine, and continues to serve his community in his role on the City Council. His candidacy represents the Libertarian Party of Iowa's commitment to the great people across our state."

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