MOLINE, ILLINOIS (June 14, 2022) — The Progressive Action for the Common Good (PACG) Civil Rights Forum has organized weekly Racial Equality Now! rallies each Saturday since June 13, 2020.

Shortly after the murder of George Floyd, Civil Rights Forum and PACG Board member Caryn Unsicker organized a local rally to show support for the quest for racial equality in our country. Knowing the national and local press coverage and rallies would soon dissipate, she decided to hold ongoing weekly rallies at one of the busiest intersections in the QCA. Two years later, friends and fellow PACG members still gather each week, holding signs with messages such as “Black Lives Matter,” “No Hate in Our State,” “Honk for Racial Justice,” and “Let’s Talk.” The only exceptions have been weather-related — when temperatures are below twenty degrees, or if there are blizzard conditions, thunderstorms, or driving rain. The half-hour rallies will continue into the indefinite future.

Unsicker states that she is encouraged by the number of people of all races who drive by and honk in support. “It tells me that people are still willing to have the conversation and that they realize there is racial inequity in our culture. Acknowledging the problem is the first step for healing to begin.”

We invite the public to join us as we celebrate our second anniversary of this event on June 18th – and every Saturday — from noon till 12:30PM at the Slumberland corner of John Deere Rd and 16th Street in Moline (map).

We hope the press can join us to help publicize this important action.

As progressives, PACG empowers people to take action for positive change and social justice by coordinating a network of community forums and events aimed at educating and engaging citizens to work for the common good of all. Our core values are: Social Justice, Empowerment, Diversity, Sustainability, and Community.

For more information about this event, please visit the Progressive Action for the Common Good website at  or contact PACG at

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