WASHINGTON DC (February 5, 2020)  — Representative Dave Loebsack released the following statement on President Trump’s third State of the Union address.

“Walking into tonight’s speech, I wanted to hear what folks have been asking me for a long time. When are we going to get our economy going for all Iowans? We must ensure that any growth in our economy is felt by all Americans, not just those on Wall Street.

“The President’s speech was filled with lots of rhetoric, but where are the details? I have been waiting to work with the president to craft a large plan to update the aging infrastructure across the entire country. Iowa is in desperate need of new roads and bridges, locks and dams, and access to high-speed, broadband internet.

“I have continuously fought to protect and expand the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which is important to Iowa’s farmers and rural communities. The president must stop the abuse of the small refinery exemption that have gone to large, profitable oil refineries at the expense of rural America. Our farmers deserve better.  

“It is clear to all Americans that something needs to be done to address rising healthcare and prescription costs. I was pleased to hear the president talk about this, but action needs to follow. The House has passed 11 bills to protect and expand access to healthcare and prescriptions, none of which have been taken up by the Senate. Additionally, this Administration has tried to rollback Obamacare through the court system, which would strip many protections from Americans.

“It’s time for the rubber to meet the road. Hundreds of bills passed by the House sit in the Senate awaiting action and the president’s signature. I stand ready to work with anyone to help move our nation forward.”

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