Main at Locust Pharmacy Makes Taking Medications on Time Easy

Davenport, Iowa.- August 1, 2018 -  With the recent news Amazon has made an acquisition to enter the pharmacy market, Main at Locust Pharmacy is one pharmacy with no worries. Patients of the pharmacy have already been enjoying the convenience and ease of pouch packaging from their neighborhood pharmacist - an experience enhanced by working wioth a pharmacy team who knows their name and provides a personal touch.

Main at Locust Pharmacy revolutionizes the ease of taking medications as prescribed, organizing them by date and time of dose. Pros at consolidating all your medication refills to one, simple pick-up, this pharmacy uses Parata PASS automated pouch packager to give patients the confidence to take control of their medication regimens.

Instead of making multiple trips to the pharmacy and sorting their own pills, Main at Locust Pharmacy patients need only make one trip a month and never worry about the potential errors in organinzing their own medications.  It's all done for them.  Pouch packing means the end of lugging around multiple vials of medication or spending time sorting out pill planners on Sunday nights. It's already done for you.  For added convenience, some patients take advantage of free delivery from the pharmacy without having to use an online retailer.

By partnering with Parata, the leader in pouch packing for retail pharmacies, Main at Locust Pharmacy is already setting the trend in making it easier to get and take your medications. It's no secret - it's right in your neighborhood.



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