BETTENDORF, IOWA (February 22, 2021) — After serious research, discussion with some of our families, discussion with outside community members, and discussion with our board of trustees, Rivermont has decided to reduce our K-12 day-student tuition to $12,290 (current tuition runs from $14,730 to $15,990). Our sincere hope that this reduction in tuition will make a Rivermont education possible for more of our community members. We will also continue our robust financial assistance program, helping qualified families beyond the tuition reduction.

Over the past several years, the increasing cost of private education has outpaced household income increases at an unsustainable rate. The COVID pandemic has only magnified this cost vs. inflation inequity. Amidst the economic and health uncertainty, paying for private education might seem like a significant commitment. The COVID pandemic hit our families hard, and the Quad Cities area felt that financial impact, too. While we think the financial investment makes more sense than ever, we do not want sticker shock to discourage qualified students from applying.

Now, more than ever, we feel Rivermont has a critical role to play as a world-class educational choice, meeting the needs of academically-inclined Quad Citizens. While schools across the nation have been in various states of in-person and virtual-learning due to the pandemic, Rivermont students have benefited from in-person classes, five days a week, for the entire year. Our small and agile community has been able to pivot quickly, establishing safe and stable learning-conditions while also accommodating quarantines, etc. We have also enjoyed ZERO instances of on-campus COVID transmission. In short, our students are not falling behind, and they benefit from daily interaction with their peers and teachers.

The Tuition Reduction will not affect the quality of a Rivermont education. We will continue to improve on and expand our offerings. Next year we will add a dedicated K-5th-grade MakerSpace, a grades 6-12 maker shop, a competitive gaming club, an Academic Success Center, an Academic Coach, and more high-interest electives in grades 6-12. Stay tuned because this is just the beginning.

Families can learn more about Rivermont Collegiate at our Virtual Open House.

Visitor can:

  • Take a guided video tour with our Associate Head of School/Director of Admissions.
  • Watch teacher presentations.
  • Hear from Rivermont community members.
  • Explore the campus on their own via 360 building walkthroughs.

To visit the open house, go to and click the link at the top of the page.

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