ALTOONA – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate and the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) partnered on Wednesday to conduct information technology workshops for county auditors and their staff. EAC Chairman Matt Masterson and Director of Testing and Certification Brian Hancock joined Secretary Pate and his staff for the Election Officials as IT Managers training at the Adventureland Inn in Altoona. Around 150 county auditors and staffers from across the state participated in the workshops.

“Our partnership with the Election Assistance Commission is crucial, not only for the state, but also for counties,” Secretary Pate said. “It is vital that all of us remain up-to-date on the latest technology and election security issues. We, as election administrators, interface with technology in nearly every aspect of our jobs. Understanding the challenges of our current environment, security considerations and new technology will help us deliver better elections to Iowa voters.”

"Iowa, like state and local election officials across the country, is focused on ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the election process,” Chairman Masterson said. “The EAC is thrilled to be in Iowa working with Secretary Pate and the county auditors to improve the overall security and resilience of election systems. We look forward to sharing ideas and best practices as well, hearing more about what the EAC can do to help state and local officials on the front lines of administering elections."

The classes were offered free of charge to participants. They provided auditors and elections staff with the tools and information necessary to remain vigilant on issues such as cybersecurity, regardless of the attendees’ level of information technology experience prior to the workshops.

Matt Masterson has been EAC Chairman since 2014. He previously served as interim Chief of Staff and Deputy Director of Elections in the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.

A picture of Secretary Pate and Chairman Masterson is available here.


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