WASHINGTON DC (February 25, 2020) — Prepared floor remarks by Senator Charles "Chuck" Grassley, Chairman, Senate Finance Committee:


The next time Big Pharma claims what we’re trying to do to lower drug prices undermines the free market, just remember: They supported Obamacare.

Big Pharma doesn’t want a free market. Take note that this industry opposes every proposal that would cost it money and supports every proposal that ensures another government revenue-stream — exactly what Obamacare did. And exactly what Medicare and Medicaid do now. 

Big Pharma has become so big and entitled, they have the gall to claim that limiting tax-payer subsidies is somehow socialism. No, this is about ending corporate welfare and demanding accountability to tax-payers. Isn’t that a conservative principle?

The Grassley-Wyden prescription-drug bill saves tens of billions of tax-payer dollars and has no negative impact on pharmaceutical innovation. That’s why even the free market, libertarian CATO Institute has endorsed it.

I encourage my Republican colleagues to join me in this effort.


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