WASHINGTON DC (November 18, 2019) — Amid consistent feedback from farmers, co-ops, and others around Iowa about insufficient supply of liquid propane gas in the state, Senators Charles "Chuck" Grassley and Joni Ernst are pushing for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to consider its regulatory options to prioritize pipeline shipments of propane to Iowa.

Sens Grassley and Ernst have consistently heard from Iowans, especially farmers with both harvested and unharvested high-moisture corn, about the insufficient supply of propane needed to dry grain, heat homes, heat livestock barns, and run businesses. While the issue is largely a private-distribution problem without federal jurisdiction, the sens continue to work with state officials and stakeholders to address the shortage facing Iowans.

Grassley’s and Ernst’s letter to FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee can be found HERE.

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