AMES, IOWA (May 19, 2023) — Professional race-car driver Colin Garrett’s 11/11 Veteran Project is providing two speakers for the Iowa Veterans Entrepreneurship Conference at Iowa State University on June 2, 2023.

Colin's Dad, Ryan Garrett, will speak on how integrating a higher purpose into your business can not only make it more personally fulfilling but also help attract clients who are a perfect fit to work with you. Ryan is an entrepreneur, military family advocate, non-linear thinker, complex puzzle solver, and a disruptor. He is a financial advisor and retired partner of one of the largest investment firms in North America. Now, he’s helping his son make his racing mean more than entertainment through the 11/11 Veteran Project.

11/11 Director of Strategic Partnerships Lisa Kipps-Brown will speak about her latest book, Disrupt Your Now: The Successful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Reimagining Your Business and Life. Her mantra is “it’s your business and you can make it anything you want.” Lisa started her first business six months before her husband retired from the Navy in 1990 and has built and sold three businesses, including one that sold just before the dot-com bubble burst. She’s owned her web-development and business-strategy company since 1996 and is known as a strategic disruptor for entrepreneurs in transition. In addition to Disrupt Your Now, she also wrote the companion workbook Disrupt My Now, and Boomer Cashout: Increase the Value and Marketability of Your Business to Sell for Retirement.

Supporting the military community is personal to Colin Garrett: Both of his brothers are service members. He founded 11/11 Veteran Project to use his national platform as a professional race-car driver to promote access to resources that will help veterans and military families live the life they deserve.

For that reason, 11/11 is also hosting a pitch competition at the conference where attendees will have the opportunity to win a logo spot on Colin’s car for one of his race weekends. The monetary value of the prize is $10,000, but the real value is much higher. The winner will also receive promotional photos and videos for their own marketing use, evergreen content that can be used forever. Judges will be Ryan Garrett, Lisa Kipps-Brown, and a representative of the Iowa Veterans Entrepreneurship Conference. The winner will be announced at the conference.

Ryan Garrett always says that he and Lisa “share half a brain,” and now those who attend the Iowa Veterans Entrepreneurship Conference will be able to see that “half a brain” in full force.

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