FAYETTE, Iowa (March 8, 2010) - Upper Iowa University announces its 2009 winter graduates:

Quad Cities area - Leslie Marie Schlue, Davenport, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. Awarded Magna Cum Laude.

Summa Cum Laude is awarded to those with a 3.8 to 4.0 grade point average, Magna Cum Laude (3.6-3.79 g.p.a.) and Cum Laude (3.3-3.59 g.p.a.)

About Upper Iowa University Founded in 1857, Upper Iowa University is a private, not-for-profit university providing undergraduate and graduate degree programs and leadership development opportunities to over 6,600 students-nationally and internationally-at its Fayette campus and various learning centers worldwide. Upper Iowa University is a recognized innovator in offering accredited, quality programs through flexible, multiple delivery systems, including online and independent study. For more information, visit www.uiu.edu.

This Thursday, March 11, 2010 In U.S. Court of Appeals...
One American Argues Historical Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury For Unconstitutional Billion-Dollar AIG Bailouts

WHO: Robert "Bob" Schulz, Chairman

We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We the People Congress: Dedicated to citizen vigilance and holding elected officials accountable to their Oath of Office, the Constitution. www.givemeliberty.org;

WHAT: Oral arguments against the Federal Reserve (Bernanke) and U.S. Treasury

(Paulson/Geithner) challenging the UNCONSTITUTIONAL use of public monies for the
multi-billion dollar bailouts of privately-owned AIG and other Wall Street institutions.

WHEN:           2 PM - Thursday, March 11, 2010 - Schulz is FIRST UP
WHERE:         Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan- 500 Pearl Street

Ceremonial Courtroom - 9th Floor; Presiding Judges Eaton, Wesley and Sack

HOW: Schulz will argue, pro se, the Constitutional argument that public funds can never be used for decidedly private purposes - regardless of any perceived necessity or general public benefit in doing so.  He will also argue against the unconstitutional application of the "judicial standing doctrine," used liberally to prevent federal lawsuits by ordinary Americans seeking to remedy injuries affecting all Citizens equally which arise from Government's violations of the Constitution.  A critical and growing issue as more Americans awaken to the inevitable question: "What are the next steps for a free People to take to hold their servant government accountable?"

Click here to watch 40 minute video of Bob Schulz recounting his legal action to restrain the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

Recorded at the Continental Congress 2009 last November.

Sept 16th AIG Bailout Announced

Sept 18th Bob Schulz Files Federal Lawsuit Seeking Fed/AIG Restraining Order


Sept 18th Congressional Leaders, Treasury and Fed Move Forward Anyway


Sept. 23 $700B TARP Taxpayer Bailout Legislation is Announced

Sept. 24th Bob Schulz Files Second Lawsuit Seeking TARP/Treasury Restraining Order

Sept. 29th House Rejects TARP Bill
Oct . 3rd TARP Legislation Passes, w/ Clause Expressly Providing for Constitutional Injunctions
Sept./Oct. Both Schulz Lawsuits are Dismissed for "Lack of Standing",
DOJ's Motion to Dismiss arguing the People have no Right to enforce the Constitution

Case Continues at Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan

A. WTP's Appeal to the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals,
B. DOJ's Response to WTP Appeal,
C. WTP's Reply to DOJ's Appeal Response
(1 page)

No couch potato: Schulz says - "The emergency Congressional bailout meeting at 7pm that day (Sept 18, 2008) and subsequent announcements followed my phone conversations, in series, with lawyers at the Federal Reserve, Treasury Dept., and Justice Department in the mid-afternoon, notifying them they had been sued for agreeing to give AIG $85 billion of public funds, not only without any Constitutional authority to do so, but to make matters worse, without bothering to go the Congress - specifically the House of Representatives, where all money bills are obligated by the Constitution to originate, and knowing what effects these huge gifts of public monies would have upon both America's economy and the People. Officials were fully informed that the courts had been asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent the transfer of any money to AIG until the court held a hearing. Each was faxed a full set of the legal papers. All of this was done by 3pm. At 7pm, America saw the sobering bailout announcement."

"Days later, I filed a second case, when Congress then, in full cooperation with the plan, trumped the Constitution again, on the same 'no authority' grounds, against the $700 billion TARP bailout. The two cases were "consolidated" and dismissed for "lack of standing" by the District Court, months later. The appeal was filed.  The U.S. Court of Appeals, after months of delay and asking me to let them decide the appeal without oral argument, finally set this date. I will now have the opportunity to confront the Government in public and let the DOJ attorneys explains these acts to both the Court and the People of America."

Additional Support material for this historic effort can be found here:

Read the PETITION to the U.S. District Court regarding the unconstitutional $85 Billion AIG bailout and Decision. Read the PETITION to the U.S. District Court regarding the unconstitutional $700 Billion TARP bank bailout and Decision.  See http://articlesoffreedom.us/TOC/Article11PublicDebt.aspx

See the related CC 2009 video presentations: Robert L. Schulz, Chairman, WTP Foundation - We The People lawsuits against the $85 Billion AIG and $700 Billion Bailout; and Tom DeWeese, President, American Policy Center- reading the submission of Dr. Edwin Vieira, Declaration that all Unconstitutionally Incurred Public Debt of the United States is Void and Enforcement Thereof Barred


Other important We the People Foundation efforts underway at this time:

Beyond Tea Parties.  Beyond Elections.  Beyond Politics.

The Articles of Freedom are the profound plan to save the Constitution.
One hundred sixteen citizen-delegates from 48 states convened an historic, non-political and non-partisan modern day Continental Congress for eleven days in November 2009. The fourteen-year prolific record of We The People Foundation and its tens of thousands of supporters provided the foundation for the Continental Congress to build upon. The result is specific non-partisan
Remedial Instructions for Congress, the President and the States, as well as civic actions for the People that show the way back to Constitutional governance.

Based on 14 violations of the Constitution which have been committed across several administrations, in every branch of government and including both parties, and which have devastated the economy and are now pauperizing the People, the topics are hot-beds for Americans today:

The following violations have occurred without any constitutional authority:

1. Dissipating, destroying and undermining America's sovereignty;

2. Meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, causing foreign nationals to direct their hostilities towards us, resulting in a growing Police State;

3. Engaging in undeclared wars ;

4. Corporate welfare/bailouts- public monies to private corporations for private purposes;

5. Circulating fiat currency;

6. Emitting Trillions of dollars of Bills of Credit through or under the auspices of the Federal Reserve System;

7. Trillions of dollars of debt to pay for programs and activities not enumerated;

8. Fraudulently ratifying the 16th Amendment, enforcing a direct, un-apportioned tax on labor; refusing to consider the evidence in court;

9. Failing to enforce immigration laws;

10. Counting our votes in secret;

11. Failing to establish well-regulated state militias, and passing federal gun control laws;

12. Taking private land for private use;

13. Failing to determine the eligibility of candidates for President;

14. Failing to respond to Petitions for Redress, in violation of the spirit and intent of the First Amendment.

A nationwide event is being planned for April 19, 2010, where the People in each state will officially deliver the Articles of Freedom to elected officials in every state capital. See more than seven million impressions on search engines for "articles of freedom."

Visit portal site for WTP at www.givemeliberty.org;  home site for Continental Congress at www.cc2009.us; and new website for Articles of Freedom, including PLEDGE for citizens to sign at www.articlesoffreedom.us

The National Clean Elections Lawsuit (NCEL)

Election Time Ahead: Do we have the Right to know and see our votes are being counted accurately? Will America abandon its secret voting machines in favor of fair, clean Constitutional elections? Schulz is Plaintiff in the National Clean Elections Lawsuit (NCEL)in New York State, as he challenges the constitutionality of voting machines. With full support of the non-partisan NCEL group and election integrity supporters from across America, Schulz just appealed a "Confidentiality Order" he was asked to sign saying "no thank you" to keeping records of state and other information about election machines and how elected are handled secret.


On the Mainstream Media in America:

"In all my years of doing this work, I have seldom seen the dominant media appear interested in anything but protecting "officialdom."  While we will conduct our efforts and interviews honorably, they will take snippets of interviews and twist them so we appear as radicals.  I have rarely heard anyone in the mainstream media sing the praises of anyone who is earnest and pure in defense of Freedom and the Constitution.  The outcome is always a hit piece, large or small.  The American people are going to change all of this one day."  -  Robert Schulz


We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We the People Congress (action arm) are non-political, non-partisan organizations, whose purpose is to protect and defend our Charters of Freedom, and hold the Vision of a New Day in America when citizen vigilance, in every state and at the federal level, is a respected and recognized part of the governmental process, and seeks to hold elected officials accountable to their Oath of Office and the U.S. Constitution.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Judith Whitmore


804 405 6505


The Genesius Guild needs the help of everyone in the Quad Cites to win a grant from Pepsi. The Rock Island based theatre needs enough votes at www.refresheverything.com/genesius to receive a $50,000 grant  to help replace outdated equipment. In a time of shrinking funding, this grant is very important to this 54 year-old local arts organization.

The Pepsi grant program kicked off in February and Genesius Guild received enough votes to be given a second chance in March to mobilize people to win a grant. The theater's Executive Director, Doug Tschopp, says "the trick to winning this is to network through email, Facebook and other social media... and then to get all of those people to continue to pass this along."

The grant will replace lighting equipment that includes undependable dimmers that are nearly 50 years old. The equipment, which usually lasts only 15 years, is a vital to putting on each and every play. The grant would also allow the group to purchase new video equipment. The 30 year old VCR camera no longer works and according to Tschopp, "even when it did work, the audio was recorded at the camera which was so far back all you could hear were the crickets and frogs in the park".

They also need people to share this with their friends through email and facebook. A short funny video promotes the need for the grant: www.xtranormal.com/watch/6225607/.

Genesius Guild performs in Lincoln Park in Rock Island every summer. The performances are free and include Shakespeare, Greek Tragedy and Greek Comedy. The 54th season opens this year with a weekend of ballet. More information can be found at www.genesius.org.

DES MOINES, IA (03/09/2010)(readMedia)-- April 15 is right around the corner! When you file your Iowa state income tax return, don't forget to support the Iowa State Fair by participating in the Corndog Tax Checkoff and show your love for the Fair. From funnel cakes, to ferris wheels, food on a stick and free entertainment, premier livestock events, expansive art exhibits and the country's largest state fair food department, the Iowa State Fair has something for everyone!

Look for the State Fairgrounds Renovation Checkoff on line 58b of Iowa Tax Form 1040 or on line 14 of Iowa Tax Form 1040A and check off $1 (or more!) to help preserve the historic Iowa State Fairgrounds. Your gift is either deducted from your refund or added to the amount due. Contributions to the Corndog Checkoff are fully tax-deductible.

The Corndog Checkoff is a simple way to support your Iowa State Fair! Every dollar donated to the Checkoff is directly allocated to capital improvements. The Corndog Checkoff has raised over $1.5 million, and has supplemented restoration projects from the Grandstand to Ye Old Mill. In addition, funds generated by the Checkoff have helped improve the campgrounds, parking areas, sidewalks and restrooms.

The Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Since its inception in 1993, the Foundation has generated over $80 million for renovations and improvements to the Iowa State Fairgrounds. For more information on the Corndog Tax Checkoff, please contact the Blue Ribbon Foundation at (800) 450-3732 or email bluerf@blueribbonfoundation.org.


MADISON, Wis.?The human body is composed of about 70 percent water. Take that as a hint.

Water is at the top of the list of things you should be drinking plenty of, says Dr. Kristina Penniston, a clinical nutritionist with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH).

Penniston, who works primarily with kidney specialists, says what you choose to drink, and in what quantity, has a huge impact on the health of your kidneys and other parts of your body. Every day, the average American guzzles several quarts of liquid --everything from good old H20 to drinks like coffee, soda, juice and alcohol.

Water is best, but you don't necessarily have to heed the old saw that suggests you drink a full eight glasses a day.

"Our need for fluids varies so much, and there's really no one-size-fits-all amount," says Penniston. "Everything depends on what you're doing?are you sweating during physical activity or are you sitting at a desk being sedentary?"

If you're looking to avoid kidney stones?and given the pain they can cause, you should be?both lemonade and orange juice both contain a citrate that helps prevent the buildup of calcium oxylate, the substance that forms kidney stones.

That's a good thing. But there's also a drawback: both beverages are laden with sugar and calories.

"We don't drink eight ounces of pure lemon juice, which is what actually provides the protection," says Penniston. "We dilute it with water and sugar, and that changes the equation of how healthy it is fairly significantly."

Cranberry juice has its share of sugar, too, but some recent research suggests it also has something else: a substance that may inhibit the strains of e.coli bacteria that can cause painful urinary-tract infections.

"We know that you can show in a test tube that the infectious bacteria are kept in check by cranberry juice," says Dr. Dr. Sarah McAchran, an urologist and assistant professor of urology at UW. "The question is, when you drink the juice, does the protective element excrete into the urine and the urinary tract?"

Grapefruit juice is packed with vitamins and minerals. But if you're on certain types of antidepressants, or using statins to control cholesterol, you need to avoid it, because it interferes with the body's ability to metabolize the drugs. In some cases, the interaction speeds up the body's response to certain drugs, creating a dangerous and life-threatening situation.

Then there's soda, the favorite beverage of many--if not most-- Americans. In fact, the United States is responsible for more than a third of the world's total soda consumption every year. Penniston suggests we should choose another option?or at least cut way back.

"I would really ask people to wake up to the fact that the amounts of high-fructose corn syrup found in most types of sodas are associated with all sorts of troublesome health issues, from obesity and kidney stones to gout and insulin resistance," she says.

Diet sodas don't lead to obesity, but they aren't necessarily much better. A 2009 Brigham and Women's Hospital study suggested that women who consume more than two diet sodas a day may be doubling their risk of kidney-function decline.

Vegetable juice drinks seem like a no-brainer?after all, aren't all those great vitamins in things like tomato juice cocktails wonderful for us? Well, yes. But the huge amounts of sodium that accompany some of them aren't.

"The kidneys actually mirror the heart in several ways," says Dr. Stephen Nakada, head of the division of urology at UW Hospital and Clinics. "And that includes the fact that too much sodium isn't good for either of them. High levels of sodium contribute to kidney stones, and are a risk factor for high blood pressure and heart attacks."

Sports drinks are also loaded with sodium, which makes them an odd choice for those who drink them while sitting in their cubicles rather than after a 10K run.

"It's good to remember that these drinks were formulated for elite athletes who need to replace fluids lost to sweat," notes Penniston. "The rest of us probably shouldn't drink them unless we need them." Opting for the low-sugar and low-sodium versions of these drinks is another possibility.

The bigger issue with many of these drinks, says Dr. Nakada, is actually the size of the bottles. In recent years, both soda and sports-drink bottles seem to have been put on some kind of steroid regimen?20 and 24-ounces bottles have edged out 12 and 16-ounce servings. Some companies have also begun to offer smaller-size serving options, but big bottles still dominate the shelves.

"If you're smart, you're staying away from large drinks," says Dr. Nakada. "Whatever drink you're talking about, the bottom line is you should try to avoid excesses, and simplification is best."

Dr. Penniston agrees. "The key to all of this is that your beverage intake should be diverse, and it should center on moderation. You don't want to have too much of any type of drink."


Silly, scary, exciting, and often bewildering!  Do these words describe your life and that of your future or current Middle School student?  The Middle School years, more than any other stage of life, are filled with dramatic life experiences, body changes, intellectual growth, and emotional expansion.  Rivermont Collegiate recognizes that the needs of Middle School students are different from those of other students.  Explore what Rivermont Middle School is all about, the advantages of small school size, and where your child fits in at Middle School Information Night on Tuesday, March 16th from 6:00-7:30 p.m. on the Rivermont campus.

Headmaster Rick St. Laurent, Admissions Director Cindy Murray, and the Middle School Faculty will discuss academic expectations in Middle School, choices in curriculum and extra-curricular activities, and important skills students will need to thrive.  Small school environments like Rivermont help close achievement gaps between genders, encourage participation in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, provide meaningful interaction with teachers and advisors, and prevent students from taking refuge in anonymity.  This event is open to the public and will be held on the first floor of the Historic Bettendorf Mansion on the Rivermont campus.  Parents will have the opportunity to tour Middle School classrooms and common areas, and a light supper will be served.  Learn how to go beyond surviving Middle School - thrive!

Rivermont Collegiate is located at 1821 Sunset Drive, directly off 18th Street behind K&K Hardware in Bettendorf.

For additional information on Rivermont Collegiate or Tuesday's Middle School Information Night, contact Cindy Murray at (563) 359-1366 ext. 302 or murray@rvmt.org.


Submit today! http://www.filmshift.org

The Filmshift Film Festival and screenplay competition is now accepting entries from both professional and Student filmmakers.  We are looking for works that tell original and compelling stories.

Our prize sponsors are the giants of the independent film world. FINAL DRAFT, Harmonix's BEATLES ROCK BAND, POWDERHOUSE PRODUCTIONS, INKTIP, JUNGLE SOFTWARE budgeting, SCRIPT P.I.M.P, ATOMIC, BUNCH/CASSEDAY, and WOODEN NICKEL LIGHTING, have donated prizes to Filmshift for our filmmakers.
To submit your work and for more information, check out: http://www.filmshift.org

Twenty percent (20%) of the festival's gross ticket sales will be donated evenly to 2 non-profit groups: C hristopher's Haven (a charity for kids with cancer and their families,) and Metrowest Family Theater (an inclusive theater group).

Contact Person:
Jeremy Jed Hammel

The Moline Foundation has a grant opportunity through a fund called Karen's Summertime FUNd in honor of Karen Getz.  Through the Karen's Summertime FUNd, The Moline Foundation is offering mini-grants between $300 and $1,000.  The object of this special opportunity is to provide non-profit organizations extra funds to develop creative, educational, and fun-filled activities for kids during the summer months.  Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply if they serve the citizens of Moline and the surrounding region, including the Quad Cities.

Karen's Summertime FUNd grants are made possible by Tom Getz, the Getz family and friends and many generous donors to The Moline Foundation. In establishing Karen's Summertime FUNd program, the Moline Foundation honors the life of a woman who gave to so many others.  This special program will help us remember the many ways Karen Getz reached out to children with her sparkling personality and tireless spirit.

All materials necessary to receive funds are due in The Moline Foundation offices by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 30, 2010 or must be postmarked by or on Friday, April 30, 2010.  Please call The Moline Foundation at (309) 764-4193 to request a Grant Application.

Any child oriented non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, including those who have never received Moline Foundation funding in the past, is welcome to apply.

The Moline Community Foundation offices are located at the Deere-Wiman House, 817 11th Avenue, Moline.

The Moline Foundation, founded in 1953, is a community foundation which provides grants to health, human services, education, community development, the arts and other charitable organizations. The Moline Foundation receives and administers charitable gifts for the benefit of citizens in Scott County, Iowa and Rock Island, Mercer, Henry, Warren, Henderson, and McDonough counties in Illinois.


Company will switch to "free chlorine" treatment temporarily during its annual water main and hydrant flushing program.

DAVENPORT, IA (March 9, 2010) Iowa American Water will adjust its treatment process for the next five weeks as part of its regular, ongoing hydrant maintenance and flushing program.

From March 10 through April 19, the company will switch its disinfection method to a form of chlorine known as "free chlorine" which does not contain ammonia. Chlorine is commonly used in public water systems as a disinfectant and is monitored closely by our water quality experts to ensure optimum levels are present. However, due to the temporary change in the type of chlorine, customers mayexperiencea more noticeable chlorine taste or odor in their tap water during the next five weeks.   There is no reason for concern. This is due to the switch in chlorine type only.

"The temporary switch in treatment is designed to make the routine flushing of water mains more effective and ensure we maintain our high quality water standards," said Randy Moore, president of Iowa American Water.

The treatment change is being done in conjunction with the company's water main flushing program which will be ongoing this spring.

Flushing of the LeClaire, Iowa distribution system is scheduled to begin on March 15. The flushing will be conducted from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. each day. In addition, flushing of the distribution system in Davenport and Bettendorf is continuing as well.

"The flushing program is designed to maintain a high quality of water in the distribution system by flushing or cleaning mineral deposits and sediment from water mains. Over time, these sediments can build up in water mains causing discolored water and/or restricted flows. As part of this program we will also inspect and operate fire hydrants to assure they are in good working order as well." Moore added.

While no interruptions in water service will occur as a result of the work, Iowa American Water advises that when crews are flushing nearby, customers may experience a drop in water pressure or some discoloration of their water. Iowa American Water recommends that any customers experiencing discolored water let their cold water run to clear before using it again and refrain from doing laundry during that time. Any water discoloration or low pressure problems should last only a short period of time.

If problems persist, notify Iowa American Water's customer service line toll free 24-hours a day at 1-866-641-2108.
The water main and hydrant flushing will be performed by Iowa American Water crews who will be working out of utility trucks labeled with the company logo. All employees will also have photo ID badges.

Iowa American Water, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Water (NYSE: AWK), provides high-quality and reliable water and/or wastewater services to approximately 200,000 people. Founded in 1886, American Water is the largest investor-owned U.S. water and wastewater utility company. With headquarters in Voorhees, N.J., the company employs more than 7,000 dedicated professionals who provide drinking water, wastewater and other related services to approximately 15 million people in 32 states and Ontario, Canada. More information can be found by visiting www.amwater.com.


A grants submission deadline has been announced by the Moline Community Foundation. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply if they serve the citizens of Moline and the surrounding region, including the Quad Cities.

All materials necessary to receive funds are due in The Moline Foundation offices by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 15, 2010 or must be postmarked by or on Thursday, April 15, 2010.

Any non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, including those who have never received Moline Foundation funding in the past, is welcome to apply.

An application should consist of a written request stating the name and address of the organization, its mission, names and addresses of Board members, financial statement, balance sheet, and the specific purpose for which any money received would be used including a project budget.  The name, telephone number, and email of a contact person must also be included.  The requested materials should be mailed according to the above deadline.

The Moline Community Foundation offices are located at the Deere-Wiman House, 817 11th Avenue, Moline.

The Moline Foundation, founded in 1953, is a community foundation which provides grants to health, human services, education, workforce development, the arts and other charitable organizations which benefit the citizens of Moline and the surrounding area, including the Quad Cities region in both Iowa and Illinois.  The Moline Foundation receives and administers charitable gifts and works with citizens to achieve their dreams to improve the community.