Regan Hatfield, abstract artist and musician, announces the opening of the new Star Dog Gallery and Studio for Regan, Suite 102, Bucktown Center for the Arts, 225 East 2nd, Davenport. Regan has remodeled the spacious gallery space, formerly occupied by Unique Art, adding new lighting and additional studio workspace. The Star Dog Gallery is open Wed. - Sat. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the public is invited to a grand opening celebration on Friday, May 28th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. during Bucktown's Final Friday event.

In addition to Regan's work more than 12 painters, photographers, ceramic and mixed media artists are represented in the sales area.  The gallery features two and three-dimensional artwork by Marty Kiser and Dee Schricker, photography by Dee Oberle, Heidi Brandt and Ashley Razo, and paintings by Gene Brack, Judy O. Gray, and Karen Grabowski.

"We hope everyone will help us celebrate the opening of our new gallery on Friday, May 28th." The party theme for the evening is wine and Roses,  "Refreshments and music are planned, TBA as well as a chance to meet a group of talented artist and learn more about them and their work.

For more information on Regan Hatfield and his work go to.  For information about the Star Dog gallery e-mail or call (563) 514 - 5886.

MOLINE, ILLINOIS - WQPT, Quad Cities PBS is proud to announce that Hilary Osborn, a broadcast student at the University of Illinois is the recipient of the WQPT 2010 Broadcast Scholarship. The $500 award can be applied to tuition, books and fees.

Miss Osborn said "I am truly honored to be a recipient of the WQPT scholarship. From the time I was in middle school, I have known that I wanted to be in the field of broadcast journalism."   She also shared a story about WQPT, "When I was a young child, I remember watching the children's programs on this very station. Those programs were a great supplement to my early childhood education. For that, I am so grateful. It is reassuring to know that these programs are still available for young minds. Long Live WQPT and PBS!"

"We are delighted to be able to award this scholarship to Hilary and to know that WQPT helped play a role in her early childhood education," said WQPT General Manager, Rick Best.

WQPT is a broadcast service of Western Illinois University-Quad Cities located in Moline, Illinois.


# # #

Fox Ridge Winery, located in the northern part of Tama County, will open for business on Saturday, May 15.  Owners Mike and Gwen Seda started their vineyard back in 2004 when the first grapevines were planted.  Since then, children, grandchildren and extended family members have gathered to plant and harvest the 4 grape varieties the Sedas now specialize in.  Mike and Gwen have always ventured in alternative cropping; their farm is home to the Seda Tree Farm where families have gone for years to choose and cut their own Christmas tree.  The acreage has also produced bushels of fruit from their orchard.  With their savvy interest in non-traditional farming, the vineyard seemed to fit right in as Iowa is becoming a leader in grape production.


Fox Ridge currently produces 9 wine varieties, ranging from the sweeter flavors of both red and white, to the drier palates preferred by connoisseurs.  Guests can sample the wines in the custom tasting room.  Also available on site: Iowa meats, cheeses, chocolates and gift selection.

Special Events

With the opening of Fox Ridge Winery, the area now has another option for event hosting.  The winery features a banquet room that seats 100 comfortably with a kitchen and catering area.  The outdoor deck and patio can accommodate an additional 100 guests, making the site ideal for a variety of events.


The winery can accommodate large groups including tour busses; advance notification is preferred.


Live entertainment is planned throughout the summer, including Bob Dorr and the Blue Band on Saturday, June 5th from 6-9pm.

Hours are Tuesday-Thursday 11am-4pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-6pm.

More information can be found at

Blood Drive

The 12th Northern district of Ancient Free And Accepted Masons is hosting their annual blood drive.

Date:    05/26/2010 Time:    3:00 to 6:00 PM

Place:   Methodist Church Orion IL. (Turn left off US 150 east of Casey's Store continue to City Park on right, Methodist Church on Left)

Contact: Marvin Whittaker 309-737-9231 /


I want to make crystal clear that taxpayers should be paid back every penny of TARP losses.  The statute that created TARP said that the President is supposed to propose a plan in 2013 to repay taxpayers for any losses from TARP.  However, earlier this year, three years before he was supposed to under the statute, the President proposed what he called a Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee.

Obviously, in 2013 we will have a much better estimate of projected TARP losses than we have now in 2010.  The President said that one of the purposes of the TARP tax is to repay taxpayers for any losses from TARP.  I want to make sure this actually happens, and that it's not just empty rhetoric.  Any losses that result from TARP will increase the deficit, which has ballooned under President Obama.  Therefore, to pay back taxpayers for any TARP losses, any money raised from the TARP tax would have to be used to pay down the deficit.  If a TARP tax is imposed and the money is simply spent, that doesn't repay taxpayers one cent for any TARP losses.  It's like getting a raise and saying you're going to pay down your credit card with the extra money, but then choosing to spend the money instead of paying down the credit card.

It shouldn't be any surprise to learn that your credit card balance didn't go down.  Saying you're going to pay down your credit card -- in this case, the deficit -- doesn't do any good.  You have to actually do it.  I've heard that some of my friends on the other side of the aisle are already looking to use the money raised from a TARP tax to spend it under their arbitrary pay-go rules.

When I tried to get a commitment from Secretary Geithner on this point, he wouldn't give me one.  That's disappointing.  However, I was encouraged that it sounds like the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and I see the TARP tax the same way.  Martin Vaughan wrote a May 5 Dow Jones Newswires column titled, "House Panel Chairman: Bank Tax Plan Not Ready For Prime Time."  The column states, "Levin signaled he doesn't favor pairing the bank tax with legislation already pending in Congress, such as the financial overhaul bill or a separate bill to extend expired tax breaks.  First, he said, the tax should be used for deficit reduction and not to pay for new spending.  'At this point, I don't think the bank tax is ready to be a pay-for,' Levin said."

In looking at the President's TARP tax proposal, which I understand the President has already felt the need to change, it's interesting that GM and Chrysler, which are responsible for about 30 billion of projected losses in TARP, are not subject to the President's proposed tax.  Secretary Geithner said that GM and Chrysler were simply victims of the financial crisis, and therefore shouldn't be subject to the President's tax.  However, Ford didn't take any TARP money and survived just fine.  In addition, with GM and Chrysler responsible for such large amounts of TARP losses, it seems only fair that they should be subject to the TARP tax to pay back some of those losses.  GM and Chrysler were both invited by Chairman Baucus and me to testify at this hearing and make their case regarding why they shouldn't be subject to the tax, and both declined.  Their silence is deafening.

Also, Fannie and Freddie are not subject to the tax.  We'll explore whether that makes sense at today's hearing.  And hedge funds are not subject to the President's proposed tax. Meanwhile, companies that did not take any TARP money are subject to the proposed tax.

The President's proposed tax is so lacking in details that members of Congress that are being asked to support it are having a very difficult time figuring out how it would apply and who is subject to the tax.   When I asked CBO to tell me who would bear the burden of the TARP tax, they said that one of the groups that would bear the burden of the tax would be consumers.  CBO stated in their letter to me that the President's tax will reduce small business lending.  Under the new version of the tax proposed by the President, small business loans would be considered the riskiest assets held by the banks, and therefore subject to the highest taxes.  Considering the 9.9 percent unemployment rate, the trouble small businesses are having getting credit, and the proposed tax hikes on small business, I am very concerned with that aspect of the proposal.

One of the purposes for the tax stated by the President is to reduce risky behavior by financial institutions.  However, CBO stated in their letter to me that the TARP tax, quote, "would not have a significant impact on the stability of financial institutions or significantly alter the risk that government outlays will be needed to cover future losses."  That's not just me saying it, that's the nonpartisan CBO saying it. If the United States imposes a TARP tax and other countries don't, it will make our financial institutions less competitive than their foreign competitors.  Of the G-20 countries, Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, and Brazil are opposed to a bank tax, and South Africa doesn't want its banks taxed.  I look forward to hearing the testimony from the witnesses today.

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Dept of Public Health (IDPH) is advising residents who obtain their drinking water from private wells in the Coyne Center Co-Op (Rock Island) area to test their water for possible groundwater contamination.  Routine testing of the Coyne Center Co-Op community water supply wells by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) indicates contaminants could be present in the area's private wells.

The contaminant xylene was detected at levels lower than the Illinois Groundwater Standard.  Although the contaminant's levels were lower than the standard, this is the same groundwater that serves private wells and it is possible the levels of the contaminants may be highter in private wells.

Residents with private wells located within the area south of 106th Avenue, north of 127th Avenue, east of U. S. 67 and west of Mill Creek, are encouraged to have their water tested for volatile organic compounds by a private laboratory.

For a list of laboritories certified to analyze drinking water for volatile organic compounds, interpretation of test results, contaminant health effects nformation, and recommendations for individuals who regularly consume well water, contact John Smet (, Illinois Department of Public Health, Peoria Regional Office, 5415 North University, Peoria, IL 61614; phone (309) 693-5360.  You may also contact Paul Guse, Rock Island County Health Dept, 2112 - 25th Ave, Rock Island, IL 61201; phone (309) 793-1955 or email

The risk of adverse health effects depends on the levels of contaminants in the water and the length of exposure.  Long-term exposure to these chemicals may result in an increased health rist to the liver and kidneys.

No violations of State of Illinois or federal drinking water standards have occured at Coyne Center Co-Op.  For more information concerning the community water supply, contact Dean Studer at (217) 558-8280 or email


A $1000 prize is offered to the last poet standing in a contest sponsored by the Christian Poets Guild.  The contest is free to enter and open to poets of any age.  Fifty prizes totaling more than $5000 will be awarded.

Poems of 21 lines or fewer on any subject and in any style will be judged by guild contest director Dr. Joseph Mellon.  "We love encouraging poets," he says, "and trust this contest will produce exciting results."

Entries my be received by May 31, and may be submitted by mail to Free Poetry Contest, 1299 S. Main St., #129, Yenka, CA 96097 or at  A winners list will be sent to all entrants.

Running 13.1 Miles for Charity

Davenport, Iowa (May 11, 2010) - Local student and resident Holly Scaro will be putting her body to the test when she tackles the 13.1 mile Chicago Half Marathon for the first time on September 12, 2010 for a local Quad Cities charity, Non-Profit Chiropractic Organization (NPCO).

Scaro has a personal story for running the Chicago Half Marathon. Her aunt recently passed away from cancer, so this will be on her mind as she runs her race. "She will be the person I'm thinking about as I keep on pushing to the finish line," she explains. "Cancer has been a great challenge for the women in my family, and doing the Chicago Half Marathon is a great way for me to encourage myself and the rest of my family to be healthy."

As a first time runner, Scaro is excited to finish something that she has never done before. "I'm glad that I can run and support chiropractic healthcare, which is something I'm very passionate about," she said. Scaro is currently in her 5th trimester at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa pursuing her Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Holly will be joining doctors, students, patients and supporters of chiropractic from around the country that will all be "Running with a Vision for a Healthier Tomorrow" this fall for Non-Profit Chiropractic Organization (NPCO). All money raised will go towards opening up new non-profit clinics that provide chiropractic healthcare in third-world countries. This year NPCO has chosen to open an eco-friendly, sustainable clinic in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

To find out more about Holly's upcoming run or register as a runner or supporter, please visit her personal fundraising website at She has set a fundraising goal of $1,000 to reach within the next few months. No matter how much you can give, she encourages anyone and everyone to donate to her cause of providing a healthier tomorrow for others.

Holly is the May Featured Runner for Team NPCO. Please visit to read her complete Runner Profile or to find out more information about NPCO and Team NPCO for Chiropractic.


The Iowa Scriptwriters Alliance Announces:

Advanced Screenwriting Workshop

Saturday May 15 2010 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Downtown Des Moines Library

1000 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50309

Cost: free to Iowa Scriptwriters Alliance Members (ISA)

$15.00 for Iowa Motion Picture Association Members (IMPA)

$20.00 for non-members of ISA or IMPA

Learn about action movie scripts. This course, taught by a veteran filmmaker and screenwriter will cover the basics and three-act structure, action specifics, advanced structure, sequences, and character. There will be a one hour lunch break from noon to one for lunch on your own.

For anyone working on an action script, bring a one page summary of your story to share and obtain group feedback and help on your story.

To register, mail the following:


Telephone Number

Address, City, State, Zip

Email address

Mail to: Deb O'Bryan 8918 Townsend Avenue Urbandale IA 50322

Or email information to

For questions, contact Deb at 515-313-7866.


A Screening Clinic will be held to identify children from birth to 18 years of age

for possible treatment at a Shriners Hospital.

Children needing help with:
      • birth defects

      • orthopedic problems

      • cerebral palsy

      • cleft palate

      • burns & burn scars

      • juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

      • back injuries

      • scoliosis

These, and many other conditions are treated at the

Shriners Hospitals

    for Children

    with no expense to the family

    All applications will be kept strictly confidential.

9 am - 12 pm, Saturday on May 29, 2010

at the Masonic Center, 611 E. 65th Street, Davenport IA .

Sponsored by the Kaaba Shriners.

For questions please call our Office: