Channel Cat Talks -- May 28 through August 29.

Channel Cat Talks, Tuesday, June 25, through Thursday, September 12, 9 a.m.

Riverbend Commons Dock, 2951 East River Drive, Moline IL

Riverine Walks, Wednesday, May 29, through Saturday, August 31, 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Various Quad Cities Locations

Wildlife, history, geology, and more will be explored when River Action hosts presentations in this year's Channel Cat Talks and Riverine Walks – “Explore the River Series” celebrations of the Quad Cities' unique culture and landscape taking place four times weekly from May 28 through August 31.

Channel Cat Talk participants tour the Mississippi River aboard the Channel Cat Water Taxi while experts provide narration on the themed surroundings. Headsets are provided to all attendees of this River Action series, and the summer's Channel Cat talks include: Mack Parker's “What Does the Coast Guard Do?” (June 25 and 27); Don Allecbach's “Set Sail” (July 2 and 3); Dave Murcia's “Raptors Along the River” (July 9 and 11); Brian Tugana's "Photography" (July 10); Curtis Roseman's “Historic Bridges of the Quad Cities” (July 16 and 18); Brian Dockery's “Where Does All the Sand and Gravel Come From?” (July 23 and 25); Josh Duffee's “Beiderbecke and Bellson” (July 30 and August 1); Bill Ashton's “Development in QC” (August 6 and 8); Reuben Heine's and Norm Moline's “River Landscape Mosaic” (August 13 and 15); Josh Hendrix's and Anthony Heddlesten's “Operations and Maintenance of the Nation's Waterways” (August 20 and 22); Ray Wolf's “Midwest Precipitation: Past, Present, & Future” (August 27 and 29); Gena Schantz's “The History of Fort Armstrong and Arsenal Island” (September 3 and 5); and Roger Viadero's “Hydro-Potential” (September 10 and 12).

Riverine Walks -- May 29 through August 31.

Riverine Walk participants explore the Quad Cities through a series of guided walks at various area locales, beginning this year on May 29 and June 1 with Cheryl True, M.D. In “Walk with a Doc,” True will talk about the roles of activity and nature in the context of our overall health and well-being, the presentation designed to bring health-care professionals and the public together in a casual environment. The other 2019 Riverine Walk presentations include: Wayne Wille's “Understanding Flood Plains and Floodplain Management” (June 5 and 8); Ferrel Anderson's “The Center of Black Hawk's Universe: History and Archaeology at the Mouth of the Rock River” (June 12 and 15); Kathleen Seusy's “Riverside Cemetery” (June 19 and 21); Chuck Wester's “A Walk on the Wild Side” (June 26 and 29); Walt Bassow's “Barge Fleeting” (July 10 and 13); Norm Moline's “Sylvan Island Area: History, Recreation, and Sustainability” (July 17 and 20); Curtis Roseman's “Historic Moline” (July 24 and 27); Norm Moline's “River Confluence: Historical Importance, Recreation Potentials” (July 31 and August 3); Miles Brainard's “Downtown Rock Island:” The Past Is the Future” (August 7 and 10); “Reuben Heine's “Deep Maps: Historic Geography of Pool 16 of the Mississippi River” (August 14 and 17); Brittany Ackerland's “Best Management Practices within an Urban/Riparian Interface” (August 21 and 24); and Jennifer and Robb Ewoldt's “Messy Fields Make Good Neighbors” (August 28 and 31).

Channel Cat Talks take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. and are $14 per person, while Riverine Walks are held on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 9 a.m., with admission $6 per person or free for River Action members. For more information on both series, call (563)322-2969 or visit

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