One Year Later: A Vote for Steve King or Joni Ernst is a Vote for Another Government Shutdown

Des Moines, Iowa - One year ago, Congressman Steve King and members of the Republican Party shut down the federal government at an enormous cost. Their actions roiled the country as federal workers were furloughed, national parks were closed, and Social Security checks were delayed. Now, with Joni Ernst is running for Senate, and Steve King is running for re-election.

Ken Sagar, President of the Iowa Federation of Labor issued the following statement:

"It's despicable that Steve King is running for re-election to the House after he voted to shut down the government and supported the government shutdown last year.

Does he think that's a qualification for public office? Will he assume that an election victory is a vote for another government shutdown?" Rather than demonstrate responsible leadership, Steve King supported Republicans when they inflicted a serious wounds on our economy and punished federal workers and American taxpayers.

"This November, voters in Iowa have a clear opportunity to reject Steve King's style of hostage taking and elect Jim Mowrer, a responsible veteran leader and a champion of working people. This November, it's time to hold the Republican Party accountable."

If Joni Ernst is elected to the Senate, she will join King in attacking workers and our economy.

Ernst Said "We Must Stand Firm In The Fight Against" The Affordable Care Act On The First Day Of The Government Shutdown. According to a Facebook post by state Sen. Joni Ernst, Ernst said, "LIKE if you believe that on this first day of Obamacare exchange signups, we must stand firm in the fight against this damaging, job-killing legislation. #standfirm." [Sen. Joni Ernst - Facebook, 10/1/13]

The government shutdown cost our economy $24 billion. Our economy created 120,000 fewer private sector jobs. Federal workers lost 6.6 million work days while food safety inspections, small business loans, life-saving medical research, and investigations into wage violations all ceased to take place.