WE The People of Rock Island County are establishing a Continental Grand Jury of Common Law to meet the needs of the people of Rock Island County.

Mission Statement: To reestablish the Continental Grand Jury of Common Law in Rock Island County and support the Revival of the Constitutional Foundation of America.

What does a Grand Jury of Common Law do?

* Ensures that our Constitutional Rights are followed.

Clearly specified in our Constitution, the Grand Jury of Common Law was reintroduced by Justice Antonin Scalia in his ruling of 1992. The Continental Grand Jury of Common Law is, in effect, the 4th Branch of Government, pursuant to Supreme Court ruling.

An Assembly is now being formed. Those who are interested may join the meetings held every Tuesday on the first floor of The Moline Commercial Club, 1530 Fifth Avenue, Moline, IL. 61265.

The Grand Jury of Common Law will be drawn from the Assembly and will consist of 25 jurors.

Justice Antonin Scalia: rulings of 1992 United States vs Williams;  United States vs Chanen : " THE GRAND JURY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE"

What WE THE PEOPLE of Rock Island County are doing:

* We are supporting the National Revival of the Constitutional Foundation of America.

* Working to bring our government back in line with the Constitution be reintroducing Constitutional Government in America, which is no longer taught in many of our schools today.

As readers will be aware, our Government has slowly, yet surely and steadily moved away from our Constitution.
Our Republic is held together by our Constitution. WE are duty bound to keep our Republic intact.

Come join us:

Venue:  The Moline Commercial Club. 1530 Fifth Avenue. IL. 6265

Time. 7.00

Day: Tuesdays

Phone: 312-498-7207

Email: clgj.ricounty@gmail.com

Websites: www.commonlawgrandjury-ricounty-il.info
Websites: www.commonlawgrandjury.us

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