60 John Deere Middle Schoolers are going on a treasure hunt this weekend looking for $300.00 in gold and silver in their backyard

(Moline, IL)  Four fields near the school will be filled with dimes and nickels Saturday morning and by using metal detectors the kids are going to get rich!  It's all about learning map skills, soil science, writing, data analysis, and graphing when they look for "gold" underground.  The Lights ON for Learning students are calling themselves the "Spartan Treasure Hunters" and the media is invited to interview them, their parents, and the sponsors?they can even hunt!

According to the Site Coordinators of the Lights ON for Learning grant, Chad Potter, the program was developed out of a partnership among the Lights On 21st Century, John Deere Middle,  Minelab USA (which is providing the metal detectors) and Chuck Smalley at SW Supplies and Prospecting.

***The hunt is being held at the John Deere Middle School in Moline (2035 11th Street) on Saturday, April 13th at 10:00 am.  The media is invited to witness the hunt in which the students will be using metal detectors to the find hidden treasures.

In addition to the hunt Potter says there will be a "Try It" station which is a mini clinic about metal detecting as a hobby put on by Minelab USA representatives for parents and teachers.  Students will participate in one of four "seeded" hunts to find coins and other interesting items.  There will also be a number of presentations related to the metal detecting hobby.  Potter says the school is going to create a metal detecting club after this initial venture.


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