(Quad Cities) - The newest addition to Street Fest this year features a competition for local and regional
firefighters to show off their skills while competing for a trophy and bragging rights! The event will be the
first time Firefighter Water Fights have been held in Davenport since 1972. The competition starts at noon on
Saturday, July 28 at 2nd & Ripley Streets.

The object of Water Fights is straight forward; it's essentially a reverse tug-of-war. A water ball is suspended
ten feet above the ground on a cable. Two teams of three firefighters are placed on either side of the ball
and on the starting command, use their fire hoses to push the ball towards the opposing team's territory. A
winner is announced when the ball reaches the marked point on the cable or if the ball is in the opponent's
territory when time ends.

While the object of the game is simple, its execution isn't. Add full firefighting protective gear, water spray,
the heat of the day, and another determined team of firefighters across from you, and the task at hand
becomes increasingly difficult. The competing firefighters must use their training to keep the water on target
while listening for commands from their teammates and moving forward to push the water ball into their
opponent's territory.

Firefighter water fights have long been a way for firefighters to practice essential skills needed at the scene
of a fire or rescue site. These firefighters take great pride in their skills and abilities and enjoy putting those
into action in a friendly competition.

The Firefighter Water Fights will be an exciting addition to Street Fest and will surely become a tradition in
future years!

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