Steps Make it Easier and Faster to Transport Heating Fuels from Other States to Address Shortages in Illinois

CHICAGO - Governor Pat Quinn today announced emergency actions to alleviate the short supply and high prices of liquefied propane gas and heating oil in Illinois. The actions make it quicker and easier to transport these fuels from other states into Illinois. Today's announcement is part of Governor Quinn's agenda to ensure the safety of people in every community across Illinois.

"When cold temperatures force energy supplies to go down and prices to go up, it leaves consumers in a bind," Governor Quinn said. "These actions will quickly bring more propane and heating oil into Illinois to help make sure families can safely and affordably heat their homes during this historic cold stretch."

Governor Quinn has issued a disaster proclamation to allow Illinois licensed truckers to travel through other states to obtain these fuels and deliver them to Illinois without applying for additional licenses. The declaration also allows drivers to remain behind the wheel longer in order to retrieve heating fuel from other states and bring it back to Illinois. These actions increase the number of drivers available to bring propane into Illinois from other states.

In addition, the tax for out-of-state trucks that use Illinois roads is being temporarily suspended by the Illinois Department of Revenue for trucks that are delivering heating fuels to Illinois. The U.S. Department of Transportation has also issued an emergency declaration that also provides for federal regulatory relief for motor vehicles delivering LP gas and heating fuels to affected areas.

A higher than usual nationwide demand for the fuels is being caused by a much colder than normal winter that is gripping large parts of the nation, including areas that don't normally experience extreme cold. This is compounded by a wet harvest season that required an unusually heavy use of propane gas to dry grain.