Des Moines, February 15, 2016—Today, the Iowa Supreme Court announces that the Iowa Business Specialty Court will remain an ongoing part of the Iowa court system. In December 2012, the supreme court created a three-year pilot project following a key recommendation of the "2012 Report of the Iowa Civil Justice Reform Task Force." The business court pilot project began accepting qualifying cases May 1, 2013.

The business court accepts a broad range of complex commercial cases with $200,000 or more in dispute and is staffed by three judges with experience in handling the complex issues facing businesses. The business court judges are Michael Huppert, of Des Moines; Annette Scieszinski, of Albia; and John Telleen, of LeClaire. Details on the criteria for a case to be assigned to the business court and additional information about the business court are posted on the Iowa Judicial Branch website at:

In July 2015, the judicial branch concluded its second comprehensive evaluation of the business court pilot project. The evaluation found that attorneys who have had cases in the pilot project strongly supported the business court and wanted it to become a permanent part of the Iowa civil litigation system. The 2015 and the initial 2014 evaluations are posted on the judicial branch website at

After a thorough review of the 2105 evaluation, the supreme court has determined to continue the Iowa Business Specialty Court as a component of the Iowa court system. The business court will continue to operate with the eligibility criteria for acceptance of cases as used in the pilot project. In its 2016 administrative term beginning July 1, the court will conduct its third annual review of the business court to determine if it should make any changes to the eligibility criteria or other aspects of the project.

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