The Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO (IFL) held its Committee on Political Education (C.O.P.E) Convention, April 23, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last weekend.  This is the formal step in the process to evaluate candidates for the first round of endorsements for the 2016 election cycle.

“The Iowa Federation of Labor endorsement process is very democratic. Local labor councils evaluate and recommend endorsements to the state organization, where they must get two-thirds support to get an endorsement,” said Ken Sagar, President of the IFL. “We consider all candidates who return our questionnaire and answer the questions appropriately.  The Iowa Federation of Labor is looking for candidates, regardless of party, who are committed to advancing policies that are in the best interests of all working people.”

Additional endorsements may be made as candidate questionnaires are completed and returned.  IFL Secretary-Treasurer Charlie Wishman noted, “Some candidates do not return questionnaires, which effectively eliminates them from endorsement opportunities with our organization.  Our program requires candidates to tell us where they stand on issues important to working Iowans before we will support them.”

The IFL has endorsed Rob Hogg, for U.S. Senate.  In U.S. House races, the IFL has endorsed Dave Loesack in the second congressional district, Jim Mower for third district, and Kim Weaver for fourth. The convention delegates voted to not endorse at this time in the first district.

The following candidates have been endorsed for Iowa House and Senate:

Senate Districts (SD)

SD 8: Mike Gronstal                       SD 10: Matt Paladino

SD 20: Miyoko Hikiji                                SD 22: Andrew Barnes

SD 26: Mary Jo Wilhelm                        SD 28: Jan Heikes

SD 30: Jeff Danielson                      SD 32: Brian Schoenjahn

SD 34: Liz Mathis                         SD 36: Steve Sodders

SD 42: Rich Taylor                         SD 44: Thomas Courtney

SD 46: Chris Brase                          SD 48: Scott Peterson

SD 50: Pam Jochum

House Districts (HD)

HD 7: Dave Grussing                       HD 11: Sara Huddleston

HD 12: Ken Myers                          HD 14: Timothy Kacena

HD 15: Charlie McConkey                       HD 16: Steve Gorman

HD 17: Jan Creasman                       HD 19: Bryce Smith

HD 25: Justin Knight                         HD 26: Scott Ourth

HD 27: Rich Higdon                         HD 28: Lois DeWaard

HD 30: Joe Riding                         HD 31: Rick Olson

HD 34: Bruce Hunter                         HD 36: Marti Anderson

HD 37: Andrea Phillips                       HD 38: Heather Matson

HD 39: Maridith Morris                         HD 40: John Forbes

HD 41: Jo Oldson                         HD 42: Claire Celsi

HD 43: Jennifer Konfrst                        HD 45: Beth Wessel-Krochell

HD 47: Deb Duncan                         HD 48: Sherrie Taha

HD 50: Doris Fritz                          HD 51: Tim Hejhal

HD 52: Todd Prichard                       HD 53: Sharon Steckman

HD 55: Steve McCargar                       HD 56: Patti Ruff

HD 57: Tom Stecher                        HD 58: Peter Hird

HD 59: Bob Kressig                        HD 60: Gary Kroeger

HD 61: Timi Brown-Powers                   HD 63: Teresa Meyer

HD 64: Bruce Bearinger                      HD 65: Liz Bennett

HD 66: Art Stead                          HD 67: Mark Seidl

HD 69: Kirsten Running-Marquardt              HD 70: Todd Taylor

HD 71: Mark Smith                          HD 72: Nathan Wrage

HD 75: Paula Denison                        HD 76: Jacob Tornholm

HD 80: Levi Grenko                         HD 81: Mary Gaskill

HD 83: Jerry Kearns                         HD 84: Carrie Duncan

HD 85: Vicki Lensing                        HD 89: Jim Lykam

HD 90: Cindy Winckler                       HD 92: Ken Krumwiede

HD 93: Phyllis Thede                          HD 95: Richard Whitehead

HD 96: Matt Hanlon                         HD 98: Mary Wolfe

HD 99: Abby Finkenauer                     HD 100: Charles Isenhart



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