Please bring your thoughts and examples to the continuation of the Institute`s joint paper:


Below are the concepts on the topic brought up at our joint meeting on May. 16th. 2013: the first draft. Copies of the first draft will be available for attendees.


- What icons do we have to inspire morality?

- There are a lot of values in our morality which are planted in a person when they are little.

- A lot of moral courage is lost because of a sense of futility.

- To regain moral courage, we HAVE to have free market again.

- Early 1800s England rid England of regulations and special favors. Since then they progressed steadfastly. Moral courage developed through this self-responsibility fostered by this loss of special favors and deregulation.

- Moral Courage can mean a lot of different things.

- You have to know what morality is.

- Morality gets harder and harder to determine as we get further and further away from daily experience. ( it's presence in daily experience)  example: cloning: gene / stem cells: you cannot feel the morality of these esoteric issues. For esoteric issues you need a scientist.

- Moral courage is intertwined with character.

- Self-interest.

- What is moral courage in one country is different in another.

- The question of bullying: the teaching of moral courage to withstand  aggressive behavior not only at the school level but by institutional entities.


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