Mysteries of Astronomy - The Top 15 Unanswered Questions of the Heavens

Science has opened the skies to human curiousity, revealing grand designs
and titanic forces beyond comprehension. Presented are 15 great mysteries
of the cosmos, starting from our own solar system and moving into our
galactic local group to the cosmological horizon beyond. Various topics
addressed are dark energy, relativistic jets, stellar nucleosynthesis and
degenerate matter.

The 15 Questions are:

Why is there a giant hexagon on top of Saturn?
Why do some planets in the solar system lack magnetic fields (Mars, Venus)?
How many more dwarf planets will be found that are similar in size to Pluto?
Why are there no red dwarf stars of low metallicity?
What causes Type 1A supernovas, accretion or collision?
How do stars larger than 8 solar masses form?
What were the "little green men" signals detected by the Arecibo Observatory?
Why are intermediate-mass black holes so rare?
Why do most galaxies have a supermassive black hole?
What causes relativistic jets?
Why are active galactic nuclei only found in the distant, older universe?
What causes the intricate structure of a spiral galaxy?
What is dark matter, and how does it hold galaxies together?
What is dark energy, and how does it push everything apart?
Is there life elsewhere? Where is everybody? What is the Fermi Paradox?

By Charles Fisher

About the presenter: Charles Fisher

Charles has his engineering degree from the University of Iowa and is a
published author with books written in the techincal field of computer
science. Charles is with information Systems at Alcoa and is a resident
of Rock Island.

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