(Davenport, IA)  Rachael Cupp, an Edison Junior High school student and a participant in the Lights On program there, wrote an essay as part of  the "Children and the Holocaust" essay contest sponsored by the Holocaust Education Committee of the Greater Quad Cities Area.  (www.holocausteduqca.com)

The essay was to be about a child/youth who was caught in or witnessed the events of the WWII Holocaust.  And, by telling the story, the writer was to also share how this made the Holocaust more meaningful to him/her.  Rachael writes about Syvia Perlmutter whose family was forced to live in the Lodz Ghetto in Poland.  Syvia was 4 years old when the war began and 10 when it ended. In her essay, Rachael shared what a typical day was like for Syvia and the "ongoing nightmare" of finding "safer" places and hiding from the Nazis.  According to Rachael, learning about Syvia has helped her to realize how "fortunate I am" and to complain less about the mundane things of daily life.

Rachel, an eighth grader, will have the honor or reading her essay at the YomHasoah Holocaust Remembrance event being held at Temple Emmanuel in Davenport Sunday evening, April 7th (1115 Mississippi Avenue, Davenport) at 7:00 pm.    This special event each year highlights the importance of remembering the Holocaust so such horrors will not occur again.


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