Artistic inspiration is a mystery to some, sought by others and personal to every artist. The Mississippi River Valley Art Drive (MRVAD) is a self-guided art tour on November 2 and November 3,2013, that allows the public to visit local artists in the setting that inspires their creativity. Not all of the stops are individual studios, but all of the art is done by local artists.

This is the 7th MRVAD art drive offering the opportunity to interact with the artists in a more private, personal setting; their studio, their home or private gallery. Most comfortable in the environment of their creativity, this encounter allows for depth of conversation and the development of a relationship between artist and art enthusiast.  Discussion or display of techniques and materials are more easily experienced at the location of execution. It is from this location, many times, that the subject of the artwork originates.

As far north as Bellevue, Iowa, with artists sprinkled throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding river towns, through Bishop Hill, to the West Central Illinois Arts Center of Macomb, a variety of artists incorporating 30 different mediums participate in this art tour. The fall MRVAD art tour includes The Next Picture Show in Dixon, Illinois as well as the Starlight Art Glass Studio in West Burlington, Iowa. There are scenic routes to encompass any or all sectors of this far reaching Mississippi River Valley art tour. Most artists are available by appointment if time does not allow you to reach them during the drive.

Some artists invite others to join at one location making it convenient for the public to experience several artists in one spot. The list of the participating artists with corresponding addresses and hours of operation are available at by printing the map and brochure. This site will also provide any last minute cancellations or unavoidable changes. Take some time to review all of the artists and then plan a  route!  Telephone numbers are listed so all inquiries may be specifically directed.

This is a fun experience. Enjoy the changing countryside with fellow art lovers, conversing with the talented creators of incredibly delightful art and meeting new people while supporting the local artists of the  Mississippi River Valley.

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