Author and Reiki master Karen J. Fox inspires readers with her personal journey

IOWA CITY, Iowa - In her new book Living Peace (published by AuthorHouse), Karen J. Fox shares her story of spiritual healing and developing the tools to become a Reiki master, inspiring readers to follow in her footsteps and find their own peaceful life.


Living Peace introduces five principles for living a peaceful life, and invites the reader to examine their own life and incorporate the principles to help them to live peacefully. Fox shares her personal journey toward understanding how to live these principles in an effort to model the process for readers. She believes that "...peace is a present-moment attitude and action." The principles she lives by, and conveys to readers, suggest that living peacefully requires decision-making, self-observation and the courage of one`s convictions.


Fox pursued the practice of Reiki following a major surgery. Now she is a Reiki master and teacher and offers her services to help others in their healing process. She credits her work for inspiring her journey toward understanding the importance of, as she says, " by the principles of Reiki, embracing forgiveness, confidence, compassion, gratitude and integrity" - the core beliefs that she hopes to pass on to readers.


"Living Peace will act as a resource as readers can return to any chapter at any time to refresh their memory, explore more deeply, and increase the sense of peacefulness they carry in their own lives," says Fox.


About the Author

Karen J. Fox was born in Jamestown, N.Y., and now lives in Iowa City, Iowa. Fox was introduced to Reiki after a major surgery to correct a birth defect, and she became enraptured with the practice. She is a Reiki master and teacher specializing in the Usui method of self healing. Fox teaches Reiki and meditation workshops, and offers private and group sessions promoting health and peace. She is the director of the Compeer Program of Johnson County, which matches adults receiving mental health treatment with community volunteers in supportive and caring friendships.


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