In Charlesea Nelson's 'Life is a Series of Choices' a woman is forced to make tough decisions

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - In her new novel "Life is a Series of Choices" (published by AuthorHouse), author Charlesea Nelson explores the dangerous and pain-ridden life of a woman who suffers abuse at seemingly every turn.

Alyson knows from childhood she is different and feels at times no one loves her at all. She finds what she thinks is love with George Kingsley and his family; Alyson thinks they have it all. But she soon learns that no matter how hard she tries to fix, heal or change someone, if they are not willing to change for themselves it will never work.

Nelson knows firsthand that her stories are accurate and poignant, and hopes that they will give strength to other women who may be suffering in similar circumstances. "Many men and even women find themselves in the same situation," she says. "I hope that a few of the stories make them laugh and let them know to not fear the unknown and in doing so you stay in a relationship that you should end."


"Life is a Series of Choices"

By Charlesea Nelson

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 298 pages | ISBN 9781477260302

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 298 pages | ISBN 9781477260296

E-Book | 298 pages | ISBN 9781477260319

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About the Author

Charlesea Nelson grew up in an abusive home. Her mother died when Nelson was young and after that she never felt she belonged. Being brought up around abuse and being married to a cheating spouse and a spouse that subjected her to a lifestyle of drug and alcohol addiction made it difficult for Nelson to build confidence or self esteem. She put up so many walls to protect herself that she still finds herself doubting she is loved. Nelson has a wonderful family now, and a loving husband.

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Author Gerald Kramer completes a back-to-back mystery fiction with the release of "The Dean's List" just six months after his debut novel "Vanderbilt Reef"

On the third quarter of 2012, author Gerald Kramer published "Vanderbilt Reef," a mystery novel that commemorates the sunken SS Princess Sophia's maiden voyage. Not one to rest on his laurels, only six months after his successful debut novel, Kramer comes back with yet another mystery fiction that demonstrates that anyone can be put in jeopardy in a supposedly safe environment. Set in 1993, on the campus of a small university in a small town in the Midwest, his newly published book is titled The Dean's List.

"I started this novel more than twenty years ago, because I found the university environment to be underutilized in mystery novels," states Kramer. "All campuses are filled with characters who would easily fit into the genre. The story should appeal to readers who like the major characters to be more complex than cardboard figures who are pawns in keeping the plot moving."

Two campus murders in less than a week shake a small university to its core. The deaths of the Dean of Business and Technology and a student leader have life-changing consequences for Roger Holt, a middle-aged professor who is pressured by top administration into assuming the duties and responsibilities of his late supervisor and to serve as the Interim Dean. Reluctantly, Holt complies because of his loyalty to Great Plains University.

Chet Evans, a detective on the police force, needs Holt's knowledge of the campus and higher education in general to help solve the cases. Unfortunately for Holt, Evans is not alone in realizing that Roger may be an integral part of the solutions. Amid all this intrigue is the promising romantic relationship between Roger and an unexpected partner. Events spiral out of control until Roger is about to become the third victim.

Fast-paced and crime-centered while providing a realistic view of campus life, The Dean's List is a book that sheds light on the attempted dominance of campus operations by external forces. The events and atmosphere described in the novel are an accurate reflection of Kramer's 30 years of experience and the perceptions of many other experienced faculty members.

"A university setting could be threatened by greed and corruption and even violent actions. Optimism is vital for individuals and organizations to survive," adds Kramer.

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About the Author

Gerald Kramer is a retired college professor who also has worked as a human resource administrator, census-taker, clothing salesperson, and factory worker. He is an avid reader of mystery novels and lists Tony Hillerman, Ross MacDonald, and Michael McGarrity as favorite authors. Western and film noir movies from the 1930s and '40s are also popular with him. Vanderbilt Reef: Finding Daniel is his first novel and reflects his admiration of Alaska. He may be reached through his email address,, or through his Facebook page.

The Dean's List * by Gerald Kramer

Publication Date: February 28, 2013

Trade Paperback; $15.99; 154 pages; 978-1-4836-0263-9

Trade Hardback; $22.99; 154 pages; 978-1-4836-0264-6

eBook; $3.99; 978-1-4836-0265-3

Papers on Language and Culture: An African Perspective' gathers academic writings into one volume

UPLAND, Ind. - Drawn from years of presentations and publications, "Papers on Language and Culture: An African Perspective" (published by AuthorHouse), by Mary Nyambura Muchiri, Ph.D., collects documents that explore African culture from a non-Western perspective.


"Papers on Language and Culture: An African Perspective" is about main African concepts like Ubuntu, Bantu rhetoric, African proverbs and naming systems. It deals with other issues such as women and land, African-initiated churches, academic writing and university examinations. The last section is on semantic domains of one of the Bantu languages.


An excerpt from "Papers on Language and Culture: An African Perspective":


You are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same.

Muchiri knows the need for her book is present. "We are living in a global society," she says,
"and hence the need to understand the culture of others, if we are to respect and understand our differences, rather than fear them."

"Papers on Language and Culture: An African Perspective"

By Mary Nyambura Muchiri, Ph.D.

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 292 pages | ISBN 9781438912363

E-Book | 292 pages | ISBN 9781468527353

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Mary Nyambura Muchiri is an associate professor of English at Taylor University. She has a doctorate in linguistics from the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom. Her other books are "Communication Skills: A Self-Study Course for Universities and Colleges" and "Saved Through Fire: A Family Experiences Kenya's War of Independence." Her interests include research in college writing, colonial and post-colonial literature and women's issues.

Muchiri is also the author of "The Power of Story: Global Myths on the Origins and Character of Black People" and "His Banner Over Me Is Love: The dreams of An African Woman."

Author and Reiki master Karen J. Fox inspires readers with her personal journey

IOWA CITY, Iowa - In her new book Living Peace (published by AuthorHouse), Karen J. Fox shares her story of spiritual healing and developing the tools to become a Reiki master, inspiring readers to follow in her footsteps and find their own peaceful life.


Living Peace introduces five principles for living a peaceful life, and invites the reader to examine their own life and incorporate the principles to help them to live peacefully. Fox shares her personal journey toward understanding how to live these principles in an effort to model the process for readers. She believes that "...peace is a present-moment attitude and action." The principles she lives by, and conveys to readers, suggest that living peacefully requires decision-making, self-observation and the courage of one's convictions.


Fox pursued the practice of Reiki following a major surgery. Now she is a Reiki master and teacher and offers her services to help others in their healing process. She credits her work for inspiring her journey toward understanding the importance of, as she says, " by the principles of Reiki, embracing forgiveness, confidence, compassion, gratitude and integrity" - the core beliefs that she hopes to pass on to readers.


"Living Peace will act as a resource as readers can return to any chapter at any time to refresh their memory, explore more deeply, and increase the sense of peacefulness they carry in their own lives," says Fox.


About the Author

Karen J. Fox was born in Jamestown, N.Y., and now lives in Iowa City, Iowa. Fox was introduced to Reiki after a major surgery to correct a birth defect, and she became enraptured with the practice. She is a Reiki master and teacher specializing in the Usui method of self healing. Fox teaches Reiki and meditation workshops, and offers private and group sessions promoting health and peace. She is the director of the Compeer Program of Johnson County, which matches adults receiving mental health treatment with community volunteers in supportive and caring friendships.


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Author Theo Tate delivers a gratifying, touching story about girls youth basketball

O'FALLON, Ill. - In the spirit of such heartwarming and inspiring sports films as The Bad News Bears, A League of Their Own, The Blind Side, Hoosiers and Rudy comes Theo Tate's new book, Ladies' Night (published by AuthorHouse).


Ladies' Night follows former NBA player Scottie Rogers on his journey to lead and inspire a group of girls. After his playing career, Scottie sets his sights on a new goal. He gathers his resources - including a large inheritance from his mother - and starts a 16-city basketball league for 12-year-old girls. He calls this new league the American Little Ladies Basketball League (ALLBL).


The girls in the league don't play for huge salaries. The league offers more than that. It gives them a chance to travel the country, meet new people and play the sport they love. It also gives them hope by offering the champion of the league a chance to meet the University of Tennessee women's basketball coach, Pat Summitt.


"It's about all dreams," says Tate, about his book. "(Ladies' Night will) teach people that they can do whatever they want to do and not let anyone stop them."


Tate believes the book offers readers respite from the pressures of their everyday lives. "With the problems going on in this country, like the bad economy and rising unemployment, people want to read something that's entertaining and unique," he says. "I hope this book will help people continue to dream big and never let go of their dreams."


About the Author

Theo Tate is a longtime sports journalist who became an avid women's basketball fan in 1993 when he was co-manager of the Belleville East High School (Ill.) girls basketball team. In addition, he covered - and attended - numerous NCAA women's basketball games and is currently a blogger covering on women's college basketball. He lives in O'Fallon, Illinois.


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LAS CRUCES, N.M. - America's sweetheart, Julia Roberts, once said about love, "I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together." Love is a powerful emotion. True love even more so. Set in New Mexico - the romantic Land of Enchantment - Amber's Ambitions (published by AuthorHouse) is a new esoteric love story by author Janice I. Meissner.

In Amber's Ambitions, Amber meets a kind gentleman named Armand from Albuquerque - the two instantly become enamored with one another and their love for one another quickly blossoms.

An excerpt from Amber's Ambitions:

"My dearest love, there are no words in any language which could express my love for you because of all the work you do in the business and in our home. Your energy gives me help when I need it. I appreciate your unconditional love. It goes without saying how much my male character is admired when we find our bliss. My love, your touch is so special for me. It could only be found with you, Amber. I love you as completely as I know how. I admire you, I adore you, and realize you were meant for me to love, which I certainly do."

"Many men look at women only as sex objects," says Meissner. "Women are not held in high esteem, whereas Armand loves, adores and totally respects Amber. He reflects the love she has for him."

About the Author
Janice I. Meissner is a native Iowan who spent 35 years in Minnesota. After retiring she and her husband moved to New Mexico, where she works as a floral designer and instructor.  Meissner is also author of Oh! Rachel.

Author and teaching major Courtney Jefferson pens new book on popular and important  issue in today's school systems

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - According to the National Education Association, it is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. With staggering statistics such as these, it isn't hard to see a growing problem for today's youth. To help those being bullied, or even those who are bullies themselves, Courtney Jefferson has penned her new book Shoo, Bobby Don't Bother Me! (published by AuthorHouse).


Shoo, Bobby Don't Bother Me! tells the story of Billy Bubbles, a youngster who is being bullied at school by Bobby Mitchell, the biggest boy in class. Through his trials and tribulations, readers will learn important tactics on the proper way to deal with a bully and that it is okay to speak up for themselves.


Jefferson was inspired to write her book when she met a little girl who was being bullied her first year in school. "She was in kindergarten and was already having problems with a bully," she explains. "I then began to think about all the other children out there who are being bullied, have been bullied, or are bullies themselves. I wanted to address this issue head on."


"Bullying is starting younger and younger and my book addresses it on an elementary level."


About the Author

Courtney Jefferson was born October 18, 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri. Jefferson recently attended Northwest Missouri State University, majoring in elementary education with a minor in early childhood education. Teaching has been one of her lifelong goals, though, ultimately, she would like to open her own preschool.


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