Urbandale Cook Claims Chicken Sausage Title at the Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES, IA (08/15/2014)(readMedia)-- Mary Tibbetts of Urbandale won First Place Overall and a $200 cash award in the Best Al Fresco Chicken Sausage competition judged Tuesday at the 2014 Iowa State Fair.

Norita Solt of Bettendorf claimed Second Place Overall and $100. Deanna Smith of Des Moines earned Third Place Overall and $75.

In the Entrée class Tibbetts won first place, and Solt claimed second place. Smith took third place.

Entries were judged on taste and presentation.

The Iowa State Fair Food Department is the largest of any state fair in the country. There are 226 divisions, 883 classes and over 10,500 entries at this year's Fair. Food judging is held in the Elwell Family Food Center sponsored by Blue Bunny.


4-H Breeding Swine Earn Ribbons at the Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES, IA (08/15/2014)(readMedia)-- Connor Conrad of Hillsboro exhibited the Supreme Champion Gilt in the 4-H Breeding Swine Show judged Monday at the 2014 Iowa State Fair. The gilt was first named Champion Duroc Gilt.

The Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt exhibited by Tyler Wellman of West Point won Reserve Supreme Champion Gilt honors.

Additional results below:

Champion Berkshire Gilt: Cole Moeller, West Point

Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt: Mitch Harken, Pleasantville

Champion Chester White Gilt: Melanie Lane, Elkader

Reserve Champion Chester White Gilt: Grace Schlutz, Letts

Champion Hampshire Gilt: Jake Schlutz, Letts

Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt: Kira Schult, Stockton

Champion Landrace Gilt: Leremy Jackson, Unionville

Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt: Brennan Lynch, Boone

Champion Poland China Gilt: Kennith Orr, Elgin

Reserve Champion Poland China Gilt: Shae Seils, New London

Champion Spotted Gilt: Tyler Wellman, West Point

Reserve Champion Spotted Gilt: Mitchell Chapman, Tipton

Champion Yorkshire Gilt: Jacob Schafer, Sheldon

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt: Reagan Weinheimer, Greenfield

Champion Commercial Gilt: Lauren Sieren, Keota

Reserve Champion Commercial Gilt: Kade Polich, Woodward


Young Cattlemen Win High Honors in Iowa State Fair Show

DES MOINES, IA (08/15/2014)(readMedia)-- Madison Udell of Sioux City exhibited a Foundation Simmental heifer to capture the Supreme Breeding Heifer title in the 4-H Breeding Beef Show judged Tuesday at the 2014 Iowa State Fair.

Ben Weis of McIntire claimed Reserve Supreme Breeding Heifer honors with his Chianina heifer. Tanner Curtin of Oxford and his Champion Commercial Heifer earned Third Place Overall Breeding Heifer. Karlee Griswold of Clinton and her Champion Simmental Heifer received Fourth Place Overall Breeding Heifer. Sara Sullivan of Dunlap and her Shorthorn heifer snagged Fifth Place Overall Breeding Heifer.

Additional results below:

Champion Angus: Madison Udell, Sioux City

Reserve Champion Angus: Jordan Johnson, Fort Dodge

Champion All Other Breeds: Layne Pryor, Woodbine

Reserve Champion All Other Breeds: Brady Edge, West Branch

Champion Charolais: Garrett Stalcup, Prescott

Reserve Champion Charolais: Kal Swanson, Peterson

Champion Charolais Cross: Zachary Bradford, Luverne

Reserve Champion Charolais Cross: Violet Lapke, Logan

Champion Chianina: Ben Weis, McIntire

Reserve Champion Chianina: Abi Henderson, Ogden

Champion Hereford: Payton Vogel, Hartley

Reserve Champion Hereford: Tucker Black, Batavia

Champion Limousin: Mara Anderson, Garner

Reserve Champion Limousin: Olivia Vesey, Van Meter

Champion High Percentage Maine-Anjou: Cade Van Vliet, Otley

Reserve Champion High Percentage Maine-Anjou: Ben Weis, McIntire

Champion Mainetainer: Riley Sieren, Washington

Reserve Champion Mainetainer: Makenna Buesing, Stockton

Champion Shorthorn: Sara Sullivan, Dunlap

Reserve Champion Shorthorn: Payton Vogel, Hartley

Champion Shorthorn Plus: Sara Sullivan, Dunlap

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus: Carter Schweer, Cedar Falls

Champion Simmental: Karlee Griswold, Clinton

Reserve Champion Simmental: Colin Henzen-DeCap, Dixon

Champion Foundation Simmental: Madison Udell, Sioux City

Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental: Kennedy Core, Pleasantville

Champion Commercial Heifer: Tanner Curtin, Oxford

Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer: Wyatt Pryor, Woodbine


Kids Pull Big Weight in Iowa State Fair Contest

DES MOINES, IA (08/15/2014)(readMedia)-- Young Fairgoers pedaled their way to success in the Pedal Power Pull held Tuesday at the 2014 Iowa State Fair.

In the Pedal Power Pull, kids attempt to pedal a mini tractor 40 feet (a "full pull") pulling a box weighing from 80 pounds for 4-year-olds to 260 pounds for 11-year-olds. In the event of a tie or two full pulls, weight is added and a re-pull is held to determine the winner.

Complete results below:



1) Claire Routh, Mount Ayr, Full Pull, Full Pull

2) McKynna Beemer, Washington D.C., Full Pull, 31 feet, 10 inches

3) Kendra Robinson, Tennant, 29 feet, 1 inch

4) Madison Rasmusson, Jesup, 19 feet, 3 inches

5) Hannah Cook, Pleasantville, 19 feet, 1 inch


1) Jett Lunde, West Des Moines, 34 feet, 7 inches

2) Kennedy Hughey, Brillion, Wis., 29 feet, 8 inches

3) Skyler Murty, Gladbrook, 26 feet, 5 inches

4) Grace Collins, Dixson, 20 feet


1) Laudri Steenhand, Gilbert, Ariz., 31 feet, 1 inch

2) Deanna Anderson, Kiron, 30 feet, 9 inches

3) Briella Drost, West Des Moines, 28 feet, 7 inches

4) Reagan Liggutt, Corydon, 28 feet, 1 inch

5) Maggie Wignall, Altoona, 26 feet, 6 inches


1) Keirsten Klein, Osceola, Full Pull, 37 feet, 5 inches

2) Emma Beck, Spragueville, Full Pull, 34 feet, 4 inches

3) Olivia Johnson, Elma, Full Pull, 33 feet, 10 inches

4) Grace Wignall, Altoona, 31 feet, 5 inches

5) Madison Yarnell, no hometown given, 29 feet, 5 inches


1) Elizabeth Stohlmann, Marengo, 35 feet, 7 inches

2) Kennedy Axmear, North English, 31 feet, 4 inches

3) Grace Pryloil, Riverside, 30 feet, 9 inches

4) Allie Turnbell, Mingo, 29 feet, 8 inches

5) Sena Lunde, West Des Moines, 22 feet


1) Quinn Grubbs, Casey, Full Pull

2) Caliean Rhiner, Cambridge, 38 feet, 4 inches

3) Kylie Bohrn, Williamsburg, 32 feet, 4 inches

4) Morgan McMahon, Ankeny, 28 feet

5) Maddie Stutzman, Hartford, 23 feet, 8 inches

10 Year Olds

1) Katie Schdosser, Colfax, Full Pull

2) Becca Mohlis, Tripoli, 39 feet, 8 inches

3) Lynne Moeller, Urbandale, 39 feet, 3 inches


1) Sky Weber, Haper, Full Pull

2) Kelsie Bohrn, Williamsburg, 37 feet, 7 inches

3) Tatum Grubbs, Casey, 29 feet, 8 inches



1) Quinn Andersen, Kiron, Full Pull

2) Ira Hawk, Saint Charles, 36 feet, 10 inches

3) Jaren Lindstrom, Ankeny, 36 feet, 1 inch

4) Cooper Robinson, Tennant, 33 feet, 2 inches

5) Grayson Hansen, Hartford, 33 feet, 1 inch


1) Kane Axmear, North English, 37 feet, 10 inches

2) Brady Fett, Elma, 33 feet, 5 inches

3) Landon VanDonselaar, Oskaloosa, 29 feet

4) Collin Weis, North Liberty, 28 feet, 11 inches

5) Isaac Miskell, Story City, 28 feet, 3 inches


1) Brock Jones, Shannon City, Full Pull, 34 feet, 8 inches

2) Evan Stohlmann, Marengo, Full Pull, 31 feet, 4 inches

3) Zachary Doud, Batavia, 35 feet, 10 inches

4) Peter Palmer, Wayland, 34 feet, 2 inches

5) Blake Sheetz, Washington, 34 feet, 1 inch


1) Jayden Thompson, Sigourney, Full Pull, 33 feet, 1 inch

2) Michael Collins, Denison, Full Pull, 31 feet, 3 inches

3) Luke Detterman, Clinton, 38 feet, 2 inches

4) Keaton Kralik, Creston, 34 feet, 5 inches

5) Jacob Lincoln, Marion, 32 feet, 7 inches


1) Ethan Thimmes, Mechanicsville, 38 feet, 9 inches

2) Isaac Wardlow, Revere, Mo., 36 feet, 2 inches

3) Brayden Moeller, Urbandale, 34 feet, 9 inches

4) Caleb Cook, Pleasantville, 30 feet, 3 inches

5) Jake Jones, Shannon City, 30 feet


1) Cody Fett, Elma, Full Pull, 34 feet, 3 inches

2) Conner Collins, Denison, Full Pull, 32 feet, 4 inches

3) Samuel Phelan, Des Moines, Full Pull, 19 feet, 6 inches

4) Dillon Beck, Spragueville, 32 feet, 1 inch

5) Jacob Novak, Diagonal, 31 feet, 8 inches


1) Kenny Schlosser, Colfax, Full Pull

2) Bryce Moffitt, Indianola, 30 feet, 4 inches

3) Isaiah Fisher, Des Moines, 21 feet, 4 inches

4) Mason Warschkow, Iowa Falls, 20 feet, 8 inches

5) Ty Wood, Corydon, 18 feet, 6 inches


1) Grant Pryloil, Riverside, Full Pull, Full Pull

2) Benjamin Moffitt, Indianola, Full Pull, 37 feet, 2 inches

3) Jake Turnbull, Mingo, Full Pull, 35 feet, 6 inches

4) Devon Brown, Chariton, 38 feet, 4 inches

5) Dominick Baker, Des Moines, 36 feet, 6 inches

"Nothing Compares" to the 2014 Iowa State Fair, August 7-17. The Fairgrounds are located at East 30th and East University Avenue, just 10 minutes east of downtown Des Moines, and are open 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. each day of the Fair. Exhibit hours may vary. For more information, call 800/545-FAIR or visit iowastatefair.org.

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