November 1st.  2012.    7.00 p.m.
Independent Scholars' Evenings :

" The Nature of Developing your Creativity."
Glorie Iaccarino

Glorie Iaccarino will talk about traditional methods as well as how Nature can
enhance development of Creativity. She will discuss how Creativity comes in many
different forms, lifestyles and thought processes, all of  which develop
creativity. Particular activities, daily tasks to increase the awareness of your
creativity and how to nurture the creative spirit through connection to nature
will be shared.

About the Presenter:
Glorie Iaccarino is a Quad Cities area artist and educator who has spent over
twenty years advocating, creating and promoting art as a way to educate and
enlighten the community. She is currently the director of  Eco Arts Council of
the Quad Cities and formerly was the director of  The Quad City Girl Power!
Club. She has provided programs such as " Celebration of  Woman", "The Mobile
Art Clinic", and served as a contributing editor with an Eco page with Families
First Magazine as well as co-host educator with the "Art with Mr. I" art lesson
series on WQPT. From public school classrooms, local libraries and area
non-profit youth serving organizations, Glorie Iaccarino shares her love,
passion and respect for art as a way of living, while promoting the philosophy
that there is " Art from Life and Life from Art"

Independent Scholars Evenings
are at
The Moline Commercial Club
1530 Fifth Avenue.  Moline. Illinois.
Second floor of The Moline Club building .
Above the Phoenix and Fannie May corner.
1530 Fifth Ave. Moline.
light refreshments, wine and beverages are served.
Please join in.  Free and open to the public.
doors open at 6.30
Dress Code: Business Casual.
Independent Scholars' Evenings are sponsored by
The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd. a 501(c)3 at state and
federal level since

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