ICYMI, here's what happened last week at USDA:

The heart of USDA's mission is to put in place sound policies that lay a steady groundwork for a better future for our children and our children's children. That means using the resources we have today to invest in creative solutions to tomorrow's challenges.

USDA's management of our national lands and our support for farmers' and ranchers' stewardship of private working lands not only helps to support a robust and thriving rural economy, but also meets our moral obligation to the next generation to leave our land, water, and wildlife better than we found it. Our efforts to strengthen rural economies by providing farmers and ranchers the resources they need to feed their families and our nation can at the same time promote clean air, clean water, and thriving wildlife habitat on both public and private land. No one knows the importance of conservation more than our nation's farmers and ranchers. And we are here to support them.

With record fires currently burning out West, the importance of forest management is front and center in our nation's policy discussion.  Unprecedented resources are being spent to combat fires throughout the U.S., which means the Forest Service's budget for non-fire operations, including forest conservation and management activities that lessen the threat of wildfires, are at risk. The work we do today to create and maintain resilient forests will have lasting impacts on our future generations.

Throughout the month, we'll focus on our partnerships and collaborative efforts that will ensure our national forests and private working lands are conserved, restored, and made more resilient to climate change. Follow along or join the conversation using hashtag #conservation.