Congratulations to the following students who have made the Rivermont Collegiate 1st Quarter Honor Roll!

Middle School (Grades 6-8)


High Honors (All grades B+ or higher or B or higher for courses designated as Upper School level)

Asha Alla

Harris Ciaccio

Elizabeth Decker?

Annika Didelot

Sean Dougherty

Jessica Elliott

Aislinn Geedey

Jacob Hansen

Emad Haque

Mary Aisling McDowell

Sarah McVey

Jozef Porubcin

Nandini Reddy

Grace Sampson

Ava Satterfield

Anna Senjem

Genevieve Strasser

Allison Swiger

Claire Westphal

Jack Westphal

Alexander Xiao


Honors (All grades B- or higher or C+ or higher for courses designated as Upper School level)

Rohan Abernathy-Wee

Christopher Cumberbatch

Michael Cumberbatch

Evan Didelot

Jaden Fee

Chirag Gowda

Sofia Hunner

Angela Jones

Allyson Lewis

Dwira Nandini

Davis Priest

Lauren Schroeder

Peyton Seberg

Kadin Shaheen

Elias Sheumaker


Upper School (Grades 9-12)


Headmaster`s List (GPA 3.85-4.00)

Adam Dada

Clayton Douglas

Faith Douglas

Maram El-Geneidy

Shivani Ganesh

Hayley Moran

Benjamin Nordick

Manasa Pagadala

Emilia Porubcin

Michal Porubcin

Alexander Skillin

Loring Telleen

Gwyneth Vollman


Distinction (GPA 3.50-3.84)

Spencer Brown

Hema Chimpidi

Anastasia Eganova?

Carly Gott

Ryan Howell

Tejasvi Kotte

Thomas Rodgers
Suhas Seshadri

Nadezhda Sinutkina?

Pavel Yashurkin



Merit (GPA 3.00-3.49)

Christian Elliott

Jacob Engelke

Kenton Fee

Jesus Fuentes

Aditya Gohain

Molly Lewis

Brittany McDonald

Nathan McVey

Bhavana Purighalla

Joseph Rodgers

Nikhil Wagher

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