Spine-taneous, a creative collaboration exploring the spine, is a community project of independent artist and chiropractors, joining together to celebrate the process of getting ideas. This experiment has taken two vital industries in our community that have one common aspect to their work (the spine) and brought them together to create new artwork and music that express the conceptual ideas that they find through collaboration.

"It`s been a wonderful chance to build community and challenge each other to think about what we do and how we do it," says Dr. Marty Stine, one of the co-founders of the project. According to artist Steve Banks "'Spine-Taneous has been an excellent opportunity to work with creative people who might not see themselves as part of the art community.  We laid down and 12' roll of paper, had a creative dialog for 5 hours, and wound up with a large-scale drawing none of us could have made on our own.  How often can you say that?'

Artists and Chiropractors participating in the collaboration include Steve Banks, Dr. Richard Boyer, Dr. Ann Marie Campagna, Emily Christenson, Dr. Peter Crocker, Allison Filley, Dr. Julie Johnson, Dr. Tyler Johnson, Linda Kelty, Katy Kiley, Dr. Jay Kitzman, Dean Kugle, Paul Herrera, Leonard Metallo, Jr., Amy Nielsen, Dr. Traci Nelson, Jacki R. Olson, Dr. Tara Pratt, Terry Rathje, Dr. Karen Smith, Dr. Martin Stine, Dr. Kevin Wapelhorst, and Dawn Wolford-Metallo.

Spine-taneous includes an education component that pairs Students from Blackhawk College, St. Ambrose University, and Palmer College of Chiropractic. Students presenting work include Taylor Bennett, Ariel Beverly, Amber Bollman, Molly Conrad, Emma Harmon, Hannah Lingafelter, Adam MacDonald, and Alfie Sundquist.

The goal of the project is to document the process so that other industries in other communities can create their own partnerships that allow them to expand and grow their local communities.

The project culminates in a free public exhibition and performance of the different works. Palmer College of Chiropractic will host a reception as a part of the exhibition on Saturday, February 1, from 6-9 p.m. Third floor of the Redstone Building (2nd and Main Streets, above the River Music Experience) For more information, please call 563-570-9203 or visit our website at http://spine-taneous.yolasite.com


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