Early summer is by far my favorite time of year in Iowa. First of all, the weather is perfect. The temperatures are mild, the high humidity hasn't kicked in and the mosquitoes aren't yet buzzing around in full force.

Plus, I'm catching up on all the outdoor activities I missed so much during the brutally cold winter. I'm spending a lot of time on the bike trails and in my backyard garden. I'm also traveling to family get-togethers, where we gather outside around the grill, listening to the chirping birds and smelling the sizzling hamburgers while we marvel about how fast the grass is growing. (What else can we Iowans complain about when we can't gripe about the weather?)

In this edition of the Iowa Dish, we take a closer look at the prices for steaks, Iowa pork chops and other grilling favorites and why they are higher. We share summer grilling tips from an Iowa dietician and tell you about a new app to help grill foods safely.

In addition, we introduce you to an Iowa family that is making yogurt on the farm with milk from their Holstein cows. Plus, be sure to check out the latest Iowa Minute video on how cows can now milk themselves with the newest robotic milkers.

We're also sharing a winning recipe from the Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest, held annually at the Iowa State Fair, for a beef roast on the grill. It's a budget-friendly cut of meat that's full of flavor.

If you have a favorite grilling recipe, or you have a question about farming in Iowa or about food in general, feel free to email me at TheIowaDish@ifbf.org. We may cover the topic in a future issue. Enjoy the summer!