Festival to take place Tuesday, Oct. 18 at the Davenport River Center



DAVENPORT, IOWA – This will be an extra special year for the David R. Collins Children’s Literature Festival as The Ascentra Credit Union Foundation has stepped up with a generous donation of $5,000 to allow this exceptional event to progress. 



“Ascentra Credit Union is committed to supporting reading and educational initiatives throughout our region,” said Ascentra President and CEO Dale Owen.  “We are now positioned to make a broader impact by supporting established community initiatives through the Ascentra Credit Union Foundation.”



All students in grades 3-6 from each elementary school and home-schooled children in the region are invited to share in the excitement at the David R. Collins Children’s Literature Festival at the Davenport River Center, 136 E 3rd St. Davenport, on Oct. 18, 2016. The event goes from 8:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.



This year about 675 school children from schools throughout the Quad City region will be attending this annual celebration. They will be divided into workshop groups to interact and benefit from noted children’s authors and illustrators, including Nathan Hale, Cassey Attebery, Gary Metivier, and Sarah Prineas. This year there will be an afternoon performance by musician, visual artist, and counselor, Steve Couch.



“For many students, this event is the first time they have the opportunity to meet a ‘real live’ author.  My favorite part is seeing how excited the children are after meeting the presenters and wanting to read more of their books,” said Rochelle Murray, a 33-year volunteer for the festival.  “This event inspires in children the love of reading, writing and creating.  Who knows, we may have a future Mark Twain or J.K. Rowling with us at this event.” 



About the David R. Collins Children’s Literature Festival:


The David R. Collins Children’s Literature Festival is named after its eponymous founder, a beloved author and teacher who passed away in 2001. David founded the Festival in 1978 and guided its subsequent growth. Now it continues in his memory, dedicated to his goal of encouraging future generations of readers and writers.



About The Ascentra Credit Union Foundation:

Established in 2013, to honor the memory of Ascentra Credit Union President & CEO Paul Lensmeyer and to meet the charitable and educational objectives of the Board of Directors of the credit union, the mission of the Ascentra Credit Union Foundation is to improve the quality of life for the membership of Ascentra Credit Union and further the philanthropic outreach in the communities the credit union serves. The focus of the foundation is on funding work to enhance youth development, expand credit education opportunities, foster community development, support cultural activities, and invest in ways to enhance the financial viability of the underserved.  More information can be found at www.ascentra.org/foundation