WASHINGTON—In issuing a 4-4 opinion in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, the U.S. Supreme Court today rejected an attempt by wealthy special interests to restrict opportunities for America’s teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses and others who provide our vital services for our communities to have a voice at work and join together to build a better future for their families. The result in Friedrichs is meaningful for millions of families across the country, as it is a rebuke against this well-funded attack on workers’ voice and ability to join together.

Corporate special interests have used their dark money to push through the courts their anti-worker political agenda to restrict voting rights, to limit the ability for workers to have a voice and to restrict opportunities for women and immigrants as part of their multi-front attack on working families and their communities. This corporate agenda has polluted America’s electoral system and civil political discourse and has made it increasingly apparent for working families that the stakes of the 2016 election couldn’t be higher.

“This is one victory against the many attacks on working people in American”, said Ken Sagar, President of the Iowa Federation of labor. “This decision supports working families, students and public sector employees. “


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