MOLINE, ILLINOIS -- If you enjoy public television and volunteerism, then becoming a WQPT/PBS Ambassador may be just the thing for you. 


The WQPT/PBS Ambassador program is an opportunity for college students to represent public television at a variety of events throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Ambassadors are highly trained extensions of the WQPT volunteer force, representing the station at fairs, community and fundraising events and on television. According to WQPT Director Mary Pruess, serving as an ambassador is also a way for students to fulfill their schools volunteerism requirements, while making a difference in the community. 


For more information and to apply by May 1, visit, or call (309) 796-2424.  


WQPT is a media service of Western Illinois University.




Siddiqi Selected as WIU 2015 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer; Lecture Set for April 8 at WIU-QC

MACOMB/MOLINE, IL - The Western Illinois University 2015 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, Mohammad Ahmadullah Siddiqi, will present "Digitization and the Future of Media. In What Form Will Newspapers Survive?" at  3 p.m. Wednesday, April 8 at the Western Illinois University-Quad Cities Riverfront Hall, room 103-104 (Moline).

In this lecture, Siddiqi, professor of journalism and public relations in the WIU Department of English and Journalism, will share the results of his studies on the impact of digitization on media content, readership and formats.

"Websites, blogging and various social media platforms are taking over the roles played by the traditional media," Siddiqi explained. "More people now receive their news, as well as entertainment, from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Advertising revenue for traditional media is shrinking and the 'shape' of newspapers is changing," he said.

In his lecture, Siddiqi will emphasize the need for revising the journalism curriculum and teaching students about the new technologies, social media journalism and multimedia skills.

"The traditional newspaper audience exists far beyond those who buy print copies, and newspapers still serve an important function in our society," he added.

Siddiqi also said that technological developments, even unforeseen ones, are going to challenge newspapers to be more innovative in providing the in-depth news and views to their audiences. 

Siddiqi joined Western's faculty in 1987. In 2006, he became the director of Western's journalism program and served as chair for the English and journalism department (2009-10). 

During his time at WIU, Siddiqi has garnered several awards and honors, including: the President's Award of Excellence in Diversity (2013); the College of Arts and Sciences' Outstanding Service Award (2013); an award for Excellence in Multicultural Teaching (2011); and the President's Faculty Excellence Award for Outstanding Scholarly Work (1992). 

In 2014, Siddiqi was inducted into the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Interfaith Hall of Fame at Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA) for his service to humanity and his spiritual guidance and mentorship. He has also served as the president of the Islamic Center of Macomb for more than two decades.

Siddiqi has published three books, numerous book chapters and more than one dozen articles in refereed journals. He serves on the editorial advisory boards of the Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research (U.K.); Journal of Media Studies (Pakistan); and Journal of the Global Communication Research Association. He is a member of the Public Relations Society of America; a lifelong member, and executive committee member, of the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR); a member of the Board of Trustees of the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions (CPWR); and a member of, as well as the treasurer for, the World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relations (WCMIR). 

Siddiqi has lectured and conducted media workshops, delivered keynote addresses and presented papers in national and international conferences and conventions of professional associations of journalism and public relations. He has travelled to many countries, including most European countries, most nations in the Middle East, almost all of the countries in Asia and about half dozen countries in Africa. 

Siddiqi received his bachelor's degree (1970) and master's degree (1973), both in physics, from the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. He earned a master's degree in mass communication from University of Illinois-Chicago (1984) and his doctorate in international communication from Temple University (1987).

KWQC-TV6 swept the 2015 February ratings period, winning total Households in all Monday through Friday newscasts, which include Quad Cities Today, News at Noon, 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m.  

In the key demographic sought by advertisers - Persons 25-54 - Quad Cities Today, KWQC News at Noon, and KWQC News at 10 posted ratings that more than double other newscasts in the market.   

Wheel of Fortune continues to be a ratings stalwart in prime access winning both total Households and Persons 25-54.

"These ratings are strong evidence of what we already knew - KWQC is the station people in the Quad Cities rely on to get their news," said KWQC-TV6 News Director Rich Kurz.  "We're honored to have earned the trust of our viewers, and we'll keep working our hardest every day to reward that trust."


While network morning shows are in a tight battle for ratings nationally, NBC's Today continues to be the network morning show of choice in the Q.C.A., winning not only total Household ratings but the key demographics of Persons 25-54 and Women 25-54 as well.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon rounds out KWQC-TV6's broadcast day winning both total Households and Persons 25-54 by more than double other network late shows on at that time.

About Media General
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Media General has the industry's largest and most diverse digital media business with a growing portfolio that includes LIN Digital, LIN Mobile, HYFN, Dedicated Media, Federated Media and BiteSizeTV. We deliver integrated digital marketing solutions utilizing our comScore Top 15 Video and Top 25 Display market share, as well as the latest in content marketing, video, display and mobile advertising solutions, social intelligence and reporting across all screens.  With unmatched local-to-national reach, Media General is a one-stop-shop for agencies and brands that want to effectively and efficiently reach their target audiences on all screens.  Media General trades on the NYSE under the symbol "MEG." - See more at:

The Art of Losing Yourself (Waterbrook Press, April 21, 2015) by Christy Award finalist Katie Ganshert follows TV weather girl Carmen Hart as she pretends to the live a perfect life behind her phony on-camera smile.
"I think all of us, if we're being honest, pass through seasons of doubt at one point or another," states Ganshert. "But so often, it's such a taboo topic to talk about. I hope this book can open up some dialogue regarding the doubts we face. I think doubt loses its power when we bring it out into the light."
Set in Florida's panhandle, Carmen struggles with doubt wondering if she made a mistake marrying her husband and if the God she once believed in is even real. After years of losses and empty arms longing for a baby of her own, she's not so sure anymore. Even more so, when instead of a newborn, she ends up with her 17-year-old runaway, half-sister Gracie Fisher in her care.
Ganshert will be signing copies of her new novel:
May 2, 2015
2-4 PM
400 E. 53rd St.
Davenport, IA, 52807.

MOLINE, IL -- WQPT, QUAD CITIES PBS and Fourth Wall Films will screen their documentary, "Letters Home to Hero Street," at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 22 at Hampton Grace United Methodist Church in Hampton, Illinois. The film screening is open free to the public.


The 30-minute film draws on the letters home from one of eight soldiers, who were lost to war, who lived on 2nd Street in Silvis, IL, which is now known as "Hero Street USA." Through the soldier's letters home to his family, the documentary provides a glimpse into the experiences of one of the heroes.


After the film, there will be an informal question-and-answer period.


The project was funded in part by the Illinois Arts Council.


WQPT is a media service of Western Illinois University.



Bettendorf, IA -National dental IT company Medix Dental (headquartered in Bettendorf) unveiled a new video this week shot in Davenport's famed and historic Figge Art Musem. The creative video short features Quad City residents Chris Jess (age 35) and Brody Ford (age 11).  The video was recorded in the museum's Nobis Boardroom.

"The Figge Art Museum is a Midwest gem, so the decision to record at such a beautiful location was a no-brainer," says Medix Dental's Communication Director Laura Simmons. "I expect more and more businesses will take advantage of the state-of-the-art facility here in our own backyard, especially as video marketing continues to become a necessary marketing standard."

Highly acclaimed Josh Ford of Ford Photography (Davenport) shot and edited the playful video. "When thinking of locations for Medix Dental's video, it was difficult to envision it happening anywhere else," says Ford. "The architecture of the Figge Museum is so beautiful. My wife and I were married there, and we continue to appreciate the Figge's employee efforts and programs they continue to provide our hometown."

The video can be seen at, Medix Dental's Facebook page, or on Medix Dental's YouTube channel at  See more of Josh Ford's work at


Hello again! Here are my new releases that have recently gone up on Amazon. Between Christmas and the present three new books have been released, and I'd like to tell you a little more about them. You can see the 3 images in the "Hellfire & Damnation" short story series, organized around Dante's "Inferno" and the crimes or sins punished at each of the 9 Circles of Hell. Give special attention to the cover art by famed artist Vincent Chong on books II and III. The paperback versions of Volumes I and II are available from Amazon or the Merry Blacksmith Press; Volume III is available from Amazon or Quad City Press. Look for some KDP promotions in April and/or May, which I'll notify you about and check WeeklyWilson for the Virtual Tour that commences on March 15th for H&D III.
- Connie Corcoran Wilson

"Hellfire & Damnation" is a series of short stories organized around the theme of describing the sins or crimes punished at each of the 9 Circles of Hell within Dante's "Inferno." The first award-winning book was published by the Merry Blacksmith Press; the second book, by the same publisher, included a short story made into a short film, one requested by the Berkeley Fiction Review which won an ALMA (American Literary Merit Award) on September 12, 2012. Now comes "Hellfire & Damnation III," nine stories, ranging from the tale of a deranged Satanic cult leader who convinces a young man of limited intelligence to commit murder, to a story set in New Zealand (which is up as a "free" sample on Weekly Wilson, "The Battle of Gate Pa." Check out this latest installment of "Hellfire & Damnation," available in both print and e-book versions, at Hellfire And Damnation The Book, where the trailers for all 3 books and critical praise can be accessed. http://youtube/dHmcLzmxmd0 A virtual tour begins March 15th for this third book, and a list of the tour stops for the unpaid bloggers can be accessed on

"Ghostly Tales of New Mexico & Arizona: Route 66" a breaks out of the stories contained within Quixote Press' Volume II of "Ghostly Tales of Route 66" in e-book format, with illustrations replaced. Previously, an e-book existed comprised of text only. That book will return, but these shorter books, broken out by state, with the original pictures and some additional pictures added. You can expect to see Texas, California, Ilinois and Missouri in future months and "Ghostly Tales of Oklahoma: Route 66" is available now as e-book only at Amazon.

Want To Be Read? - Publishing Sales Coach Offers Helpful Insight

By mid-2014, self-published authors began taking home the bulk of all ebook author earnings generated on, while authors published by all of the Big Five publishers - Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, Macmillan and Simon & Schuster - combined slipped into second place, according to the January 2015 Author Earnings Report .

While self- or indie-published authors closely follow the costly dispute between Amazon and Hachette over retail and wholesale ebook pricing, titles of all genres are faced with increasingly competitive markets, says publishing sales coach Kim Staflund.

"ISBNs - International Standard Book Numbers - continue to experience enormous growth with each successive year, and in the past decade we've seen a gold rush-style of exponential growth due to the self-publishing movement," says Staflund, founder and publisher at Polished Publishing Group (PPG),, which supports a business model in which authors take a proactive, entrepreneurial approach.

"To be a truly successful author who can sell enough books to earn a profit and possibly even become a bestseller, you must treat book publishing, sales and marketing as your own business. The same holds true whether you take today's supported self-publishing route or you go with a traditional trade publisher."

Staflund outlines some necessary points for making a book title a success.

• Writing to be read takes an entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to earn a profit or even become a bestseller, a writer must treat book publishing, sales and marketing as your own business. That's true whether you're taking the self-publishing route or you use a traditional trade publisher to produce your book. If you don't expect to invest time or money in getting the word out, or assume that your publisher is solely responsible for outreach, you'll likely be disappointed by the few books that you'll sell.

• An overview of what it means to be proactive. With so much competition today, you need to get in front of customers and communicate with them in a clear and consistent manner. You do this by virtue of book signings, readings, craft sales, art shows, media tours, social media campaigns, speaking engagements, book reviews and whatever else you can think of whenever and wherever you can. You "pound the pavement," as they say in the sales world.

"Another aspect of what it means to be proactive is to have a polished, professional presentation of your content," Staflund says. "This requires additional help including a professional editor, designer, and proofreader. You may also require an indexer, ghostwriter or publicist."

• Your book: a project deserving of communication and a plan. Inspiration for a great book idea is necessary but insufficient for a successful project; you also need a plan. Establishing a deadline is a good start. When can you reasonably have it done by, and how much time each week will you need to write to meet your deadline? You'll need to accept this commitment, and let close loved ones know about your goal. Family and friends will appreciate your aspiration, give you your time and space, and possibly even help with your project. Additional drafts will be necessary, but at some point you'll have to know when to say when. Also, the ability to handle constructive criticism from outside eyes is essential.

"Again, it's important to remember that writing is just one of many phases in the lifecycle of a book," Staflund says. "If you want your book to have a life outside of your own mind, you'll need to appreciate the aforementioned criteria."

About Kim Staflund

As the founder and publisher at Polished Publishing Group (PPG),, Kim Staflund works with businesses and individuals around the world to produce professional quality audiobooks, ebooks, paperbacks and hardcovers using a supported self-publishing business model. As a bestselling author and sales coach, she shows authors how to sell their books using all the effective traditional and online tricks of the trade. Staflund has a substantial sales and sales management history combined with over 20 years of book publishing experience within the traditional and new publishing markets.

MUSCATINE, IA - A Muscatine-area Girl Scout has earned the highest award in scouting through her dedication to community service.

Katie Dean of Fruitland earned her Gold Award through Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois after writing a children's book to help pediatric patients realize the hospital is not a scary place.

Dean said she was inspired to write the book after she was hospitalized in fifth grade.

"I know how scary it can be," she said.

Dean partnered with a local art teacher who provided illustrations. She donated 45 copies of her children's book, Healing, Hospitals, Happiness, to three hospitals in her community.

"My books will remain in the hospitals, waiting rooms, doctors' offices and hospital libraries for others to use," she said.

The Girl Scout Gold Award recognizes girls who demonstrate extraordinary leadership by establishing a long-lasting positive impact on their community. Gold Award projects typically take 80 hours to complete.

"The Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn," said Korissa Prine, Leadership Experience Manager at Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. "Girls recognized with this award are truly our leaders of tomorrow."

DES MOINES, IA - A special episode of ABC's The Bachelor will air this Sunday, February 15 from 8 to 10 p.m. with a special one-hour segment prior to the show. The episode will feature the Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel, Des Moines Social Club with exhibits from local artist, Van Holmgren, RoCA, Wells Fargo Arena, West End Architectural Salvage and Rollins Mansion.

The episode was filmed throughout Greater Des Moines in October 2014, as confirmed previously by the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and Greater Des Moines Partnership.

"Our number one goal in partnering with ABC's The Bachelor is to leverage the opportunity to showcase our city as the artful, hip and vibrant region it is," says Greg Edwards, President and CEO of the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and Des Moines Area Sports Commission.

"This national and international exposure will put our region in the spotlight with millions of extremely passionate fans," adds Jay Byers, CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership. "This is a golden opportunity to illustrate our city's rich economic growth and prosperity."

The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and Greater Des Moines Partnership will host a red carpet Watch Party in conjunction with this Sunday's episode from 7 to 10:30 p.m. Admission to the Watch Party is free, with limited availability. Fans must secure a ticket to attend the event; more information is available at

Potential Story Angles Surrounding the Watch Party
--Interview opportunities with:
Spokespeople from the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau on how this national exposure will impact Greater Des Moines.
Individuals from the locations featured in the episode.
Fans of the show.
--Visual opportunities including interactive games for the guests, with themes surrounding the show.
--Additional activities, crowd engagement and photo opps will be available at the event.

Catch Real-Time Updates
Fans should follow the hashtag #IowaBachelor on the following social media channels:
Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau
--Twitter: @catchdesmoines
--Facebook: Greater Des Moines Convention & Visitors Bureau
--Instagram: catchdesmoines
Greater Des Moines Partnership
--Twitter: @Downtown50309
--Facebook: Downtown Des Moines
--Instagram: Downtown Des Moines

About ABC's The Bachelor
On ABC's hit primetime reality series The Bachelor, one lucky man is offered the chance to find true love. Chris Soules, a native Iowan from Arlington, is the star of the 19th edition of ABC's The Bachelor. Hosted by Chris Harrison, The Bachelor is produced by Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. The following ABC social media channels will provide official updates:
--The Bachelor: @BachelorABC and @TheBachelorTV
--Chris Soules: @C_Soules
--Chris Harrison: @ChrisBHarrison
--The Bachelor: Facebook/TheBachelor
--The Bachelor: @BachelorABC
--Chris Soules: @SoulesChris
--Chris Harrison: @ChrisBHarrison

For more information on ABC's The Bachelor, visit

The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote Greater Des Moines as a fun, vibrant and affordable destination statewide, nationally and internationally. Our focus increases visitors to our community through meetings, conventions, sports events, leisure travel, and group tours, thereby contributing to the local economy.