With the rise of mobile apps for iPhones and Androids, one local business has figured out a way to reach their customers with just a tap of their phone. The Hungry Hobo has launched a new mobile app allowing customers to place their orders in advance for dine-in or carry-out, find the closest Hobo location, and get exclusive offers.

On average, Android and iPhone users spend 70-80 minutes per day using apps (source: AdMob Mobile Metric May 2010). The Hungry Hobo is one of the first locally-owned business in the Quad Cities to launch a dedicated mobile app. The mobile app is free to download; customers can search the Apple or Android app stores to find The Hungry Hobo application, or just go to www.hungryhobo.com to download.

Hungry Hobo's mobile app features:
• Full Hobo menu
• Ability to order from the full menu at your favorite location
• Opportunity to reorder your favorite items, in just seconds, from your personal order history
• Receive special deals available exclusively for mobile customers
• Hours of operation
• Locate us on a map and quickly find the closest location to you, wherever you are
• Call a location with one touch dialing

"In today's competitive marketplace, we're always looking for ways to become easier to find or harder to resist." said Pryce T. Boeye, President and CEO of The Hungry Hobo. "In this case, Upstream brought us an idea that will do both of things for the rapidly growing number of iPhone and Android users."

The mobile app was developed in partnership with UpStream, a full-service marketing agency. Ted Thoms, CEO commented, "We are always trying to bring ideas to clients to build their brands and their business. UpStream is excited to enter the Quad Cities market with The Hungry Hobo on this new and impactful tool."

Ajay  Singh, President of the Bettendorf Public Library Foundation Board of Directors,  announced today the addition of two new Board members.


Elisabeth Norwood, a graduate of Wharton School of Business, has a Masters in International Studies as well as a B.A. in Oriental Studies. With a background in Financial Analysis and Planning, she will be an enormous asset to the Foundation Board.   Elisabeth is now a community volunteer  serving with the Boy Scouts, The Girl Scouts and The Junior League of the Quad Cities.   As a  mother of 3, Norwood has had firsthand experience with the programming at the Bettendorf Library and has taken advantage of  numerous opportunities offered.


Ann Kappeler is the Chief Operating Officer at the American Red Cross.  She also serves on the Bettendorf Planning and Zoning Commission and is an active  member of Bettendorf Rotary. Ann had previously served on the Foundation board and has agreed to return to serve another term.  "Ann's leadership and commitment to our mission has really helped to take the Foundation to a new level and we are very grateful to welcome her back" said Ajay Singh, President.


Newly elected officers of the Foundation are:  President- Ajay Singh, Vice President- Dee James, Treasurer - Robyn vom Saal, and Secretary- Rachel Lanning.  Deborah Stafford serves as Executive Director and Pam Kistner is the Foundation Assistant. The Bettendorf Public Library Foundation is a 501(c) (3)  organization established in 1983 to seek private sector support for maintaining the excellence of programs and services offered by this premier Library.



Community Philanthropist to Lead Local Chapter

LOS ANGELES (August 18, 2010) - The Parents Television Council™, the nation's most influential advocacy organization protecting children from graphic sex, violence and profanity in the media, announced Beth Oerman as the director of its new Rock Island grassroots chapter.

The Rock Island Chapter, Illinois' fourth chapter, will be the go-to source for information on how local youth can be affected by the media, what content they are being exposed to, and what people can do about it.

"My goal is to see the day when it is possible once again for families to sit down together and watch prime time television while not having to worry about the constant onslaught of sex, violence, and profane language. I plan to lead Rock Island residents to become instruments of change. Together we will make sure local broadcasters know that we care what is shown on our public airwaves and that we expect better," Oerman said.

Each PTC chapter has campaigns related to broadcast and cable television, movies, the Internet and video games. Oerman is particularly interested in exposing the dangers of adult video games and how easily youth can acquire them today.

"With video game violence being more real and explicit than ever, more needs to be done to safeguard children from purchasing these titles," said Oerman. "This fall, the U.S. Supreme Court will discuss whether states can pass laws to keep adult games out of the hands of youth. With the amount of explicit violence in these adult games, I believe parents need legislation like this to help us keep these titles out of the hands of children."

Oerman is a leader in her community. She is the founder and director of Read to Succeed, a local non-profit that promotes the fundamentals of reading by building a fun and safe atmosphere. Education has always been a passion for Oerman. She served previously as a library helper, tutor and classroom helper.

"Beth is a great addition to our growing network of successful grassroots chapters in Illinois. Parents and families are concerned about the harmful effect media content can have on our children and grandchildren. With Beth's leadership, passion and integrity, we look forward to seeing great success from our newly chartered Rock Island Chapter," said PTC President Tim Winter.

The Parents Television Council® (www.parentstv.org®) is a non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment. It was founded in 1995 to ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media. This national grassroots organization has more than 1.3 million members and 56 chapters across the United States, and works with television producers, broadcasters, networks and sponsors in an effort to stem the flow of harmful and negative messages targeted to children. The PTC™ also works with elected and appointed government officials to enforce broadcast decency standards. Most importantly, the PTC produces critical research and publications documenting the dramatic increase in sex, violence and profanity in entertainment. This information is provided free of charge so parents can make informed viewing choices for their own families.

My Life with Ewa: The Early Years offers readers adventure, romance, international travel and celebrity intrigue.

Des Moines, IA (PRWEB) August 8, 2010 -- My Life with Ewa: The Early Years debuts on August 10, 2010. Library Tales Publishing (out of the literary capitol of New York) is pleased to introduce this true story to the national media. Beginning in his home state of Iowa, Pratt will be available for interviews, podcasts, and local author nights. He is also available for national media conversations and commentary.

My Life with Ewa is immersed with unique sub-story stepping stones. First person narratives, such as an encounter with President Jimmy Carter and the late Pope John Paul II, add to this spell-binding romantic biography. My Life with Ewa provides a voyeuristic view into a husband's courtship of his wife.

Tim Pratt beautifully sets an intriguing atmosphere for his audience. Starting with a simple traffic ticket, his latest work is well traveled against landscapes such as the cold-war of the seventies & Rouen, France. My Life with Ewa appeals to a wide-demographic of literary aficionados. The book is laced with cultural references, including football and barbershop harmonies. Baby boomers will find both Pratt and Ewa especially easy to relate to. A reflection of life, love and the journey to holy matrimony- Library Tales is certain My Life with Ewa will be a contender for a variety of best-seller lists.

Tim Pratt was born and raised in Iowa. Currently, he is Director of Wealth Management for a large accounting firm. Pratt resides in Des Moines, Iowa , with his wife of thirty-two years.

Library Tales is arranging book signings and story-telling events for Tim Pratt. JumpStart Ink has been engaged to credential multi-media requests for My Life with Ewa: The Early Years.

To schedule a book signing or story-telling event for Tim Pratt please contact: Usher Morgan at www.librarytalespublishing.com or www.mylifewith ewa.com,

Quad Cities-IA/IL -- Today, Larry Rosmilso, President & General Manager of WQAD and Kathleen DeBoeuf, Assistant General Manager of KLJB are proud to announce that the two stations will partner to bring a more locally-focused newscast to Quad Cities news viewers seven days a week at 9pm.

KLJB's Fox18 Nine O'clock News will be produced by WQAD in their Moline studios beginning Monday, September 6th and will expand Fox's current Sunday - Friday 9pm news to include Saturdays too. The newscast will feature anchor Kim Johnson and a to-be-named male anchor; WQAD Chief Meteorologist James Zahara; and sports with Amy Calderone. The weekend team includes anchor Rebecca Smith; meteorologist Cassie Heiter and sports with Matt Randazzo.

Said DeBoeuf, "We are thrilled with the opportunity to combine our resources with those of proven news leader, WQAD.  We are enthusiastic about the opportunity for growth this partnership will bring to us and our loyal 9PM news viewers."

"Fox is a great brand and KLJB 18 is a great station!" Rosmilso stated. "WQAD is pleased and proud that KLJB chose WQAD as the provider of their news product. This is a great partnership and most importantly, a great benefit for KLJB viewers in and around the Quad Cities."

Chimed in John Bain, Director of Programming for the Grant Group, "We are excited to be partnering with WQAD-TV to bring the best fair, balanced and local news to primetime at 9pm.  We have done a good job these past 10 ½ years and now teaming up with WQAD-TV will allow us to expand our resources and bring even more local news to our viewers."

"We are more than excited about this partnership with Fox 18," stated WQAD News Director Alan Baker. "We've been fortunate enough to be able to maintain a large local newsroom staff. We have the team and the talent and the resources to be able to sustain a partnership of this magnitude. We'll provide Fox 18 more locally focused news stories, and the Quad Cities' most accurate weather forecast with Chief Meteorologist James Zahara, a 20 year veteran of predicting Quad Cities weather."

The 9pm newscast on KLJB will carry the Fox 18 news brand and will feature reporters and news stories from all across the Quad Cities viewing area.


Team Josh Productions is seeking volunteer grips and production assistants for the short film entitled BOO!, set to shoot on Friday, August 6th and Saturday, August 7th. Filming will take place on location in Waterloo, IA and Evansdale, IA.   Volunteers should have knowledge of lighting and grip gear, but no experience is necessary.
BOO! is a kid-friendly comedy about a group of mischievous children on Halloween night. The PG tale will be directed by Adam Orton, whose previous films Knights of Caemonshire and In the Silence have won Gold Eddy Awards in the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival.
Volunteers can contact Beau Batterson at Batterson_68@hotmail.com

Quad Cities IA/IL - President & General Manager Larry Rosmilso, along with representatives from Local TV, LLC, owner of WQAD, announced the decision to WQAD's full staff Thursday, July 22nd at their studios in Moline

"This is an unprecedented investment in the station" stated Rosmilso. "In the next several months, we'll spend close to 2-million dollars to upgrade the equipment at the station, and no department will be untouched by the process."

The move to high definition news coverage will bring Quad Cities news viewers more stunning video pictures, clearer audio & enhanced live coverage from the field as everything from live trucks to cameras & edit gear, even most of the internal cables gets replaced. "Every piece of equipment in the building will be upgraded to handle high definition video and enhanced audio," reported Chief Engineer Rick Serre.

The announcement came right on the heels of WQAD's first High Definition production, Helping Haiti which aired on Wednesday night.  "We've had the HD cameras and an editor and we chose the Haiti project as our first experiment in HD news production" stated Alan Baker, WQAD News Director. "We were blown away at the quality of that first production. That's just a taste of what's to come."

The entire conversion process will take place in stages over the next several months. "We'll be keeping viewers on top of the progress as we hit each milestone," stated Baker.

WQAD is one of 20 mid-sized television stations owned by Local TV, LLC, part of Oak Hill Capital Partners and a consortium of investors who like TV and local news and believe in the future of both.


Quad Cities-IA/IL --  Helping Haiti will be the Quad Cities first locally produced hour of high definition news and will be broadcast Wednesday, July 21st at 7:00pm on ABC affiliate WQAD, News 8.

In June, News 8 anchor RaeChelle Davis and photojournalist Jon Reidy accompanied a group of Davenport teachers to the cities of Port au Prince & the mountain village of Grand-Bois, Haiti.  The teachers are volunteers for Quad Cities based ServeHAITI, a faith based organization helping Haitians get healthcare, education, clean drinking water & economic opportunities.

The trip marks the first time a Quad Cities journalist has visited the country which was ravished by a January Earthquake. "I thought I'd prepared myself for what to expect," stated News 8's RaeChelle Davis. "I didn't expect to see so little progress in the cleanup, nor the ever present smell of death.  In Kafu, the earthquake epicenter, they've just piled rubble into the middle of the street on top of the bodies that had been laid there right after the quake happened. Despite the devastation you see, the time spent by volunteers and the money sent by many of us has not been wasted. There are very good, very positive and very vital stories about what's happening in Haiti and how volunteers from the Quad Cities are helping make those successes happen. This is the story we're here to tell."

The hour long special follows a short series of reports that air on News 8 at 10:00pm beginning Sunday, July 11th and concluding Thursday, July 15th. In the High Definition Hour, airing on the 21st, you will see how much and how little progress has been made in relief efforts at Port au Prince, hear the stories of people dealing with the harshest of living conditions; even before the earthquake hit and meet the volunteers who help make life better one Haitian at a time.

"I had a lot of trouble with what I saw in Haiti the first time I went in 1996," stated nurse volunteer Deb Stockdale.   "How could I possibly make a difference? There's no way. This whole country needs an overhaul. But what it comes down to is you can't make a difference in the big picture - but what's really important is that you're able to help at least one person. If I can go help that one person, then it's worth the trip."

Helping Haiti will air at 7:00pm, Wednesday, July 21st on WQAD News 8.

Local TV LLC is a broadcast holding company created in 2007 and owns 16 television stations in mid-sized markets.  Local TV is owned by Oak Hill Capital Partners, management and a consortium of bankers and high yield lenders who drank the kool-aid and are as enthusiastic about our future as we are.  Stay tuned.

If you have been dreaming about a time when independent film features will return and make their presence known again in the Quad Cities, your dream just came true.   Backdoor Independent Film Café is new in town and will bring to the Quad Cities award winning independent feature films that represent leading filmmakers from around the world. 
Backdoor Independent Film Café is driven by a desire to provide diverse, inspirational and relevant entertainment.  We plan to give our audience a fresh experience and join the major players in the Iowa motion picture arena.

On Saturday July 3, 2010 Backdoor Independent Film Café will begin a series of Independent film screenings.  The first event will be hosted at the River Music Experience in downtown Davenport.   The second event in the series will be at the Figge Art Museum auditorium on Saturday July 31, 2010. 
Through events like the Backdoor Independent Film Series, Quad City residents will enjoy excellent, relevant storytelling in motion picture. 
Five feature films have been chosen for Saturday July 3, 2010:

Beneath Clouds - Australia (90 min)
Helen - UK (79 min)
2 p.m.
35 Shots of Rum - France (102 Min)
Beneath Clouds - Australia (90 min)
4 p.m.
35 Shots of Rum - France (102 Min)
Helen - UK (79 min)
6 p.m.
Beeswax - US (100 min)
Dear Lemon Lima - US (87 min)
8 p.m.
Beeswax - US (100 min)
Dear Lemon Lima - US (87 min)

Each feature has been especially picked for our local market and should leave everyone inspired to identify with a story or remember their own story. 
Life as we see it!

Tsitsi Bergman
Backdoor Independent Film Cafe
24041 183rd Street
Bettendorf Iowa 52722

Living Lands & Waters' 1 Hour Pilot Episode

Dear Friends & Supporters,

I have some great news...

For the past 2 ½ years, I have been working with the Discovery Channel on a pilot episode called River Warriors. The 1 hour show will air on Thursday, June 10, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. (ct) on the Discovery Channel. Check your local TV, Cable, Dish network listing for the correct air time for your time zone.

The show depicts life on the river aboard LL&W's cleanup barges, and the crew's hard work to help clean America's rivers. I think you will find the show memorable, funny, suspenseful and entertaining.

Please let your friends and colleagues know about the airing of this pilot in hopes that as many people as possible will learn about the importance of clean rivers. If you enjoy the show please let the Discovery Channel know. Positive feedback will help the pilot go to series.

Thank you for your past, present and future support which gives us the opportunity and means to help clean up America's rivers.

Best Regards,

Chad Pregracke

Founder & President of Living Lands & Waters



Come join LL&W's team to view the premier showing of River Warriors!

Thursday, June 10th
Doors at 7:00 pm - Show Starts at 8:00 pm (ct)
The Capitol Theater,311 Ripley Street,Davenport, IA
Living Lands & Waters17624 Route 84 N
East Moline, IL  61244