JOHNSTON, IOWA (June 24, 2020) July marks the 30th anniversary of The Americans with Disabilities Act, the civil-rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life.

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA (June 23, 2020) — Denouncing attempts by big-tech companies and social-media platforms to silence controversial, provocative, and/or politically-unpopular viewpoints, The Rutherford Institute has warned that any move to de-platform, shadowban, and demonetize users based on their viewpoints will subject private corpora

NBC News reports that US president Donald Trump is "furious" over "underwhelming" attendance at his June 20 campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Only 6,200 of 19,000 seats ended up cradling Trump supporters' butts. An optimistically pre-arranged overflow area went unused.

WASHINGTON DC (June 19, 2020) — US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced a 

"I've occasionally encountered mass hysteria in other countries," Nicholas Kristof writes at the New York Times. "In rural Indonesia, I once reported on a mob that was beheading people believed to be sorcerers, then carrying their heads on pikes. But I never imagined that the United States could plunge into such delirium."

IOWA CITY, IOWA (June 18, 2020) — This year’s annual Courage Ride is going virtual. Due to COVID-19, the bike-riding event, aimed at raising funds to help end Sarcoma cancer, will be held virtually from August 1-August 15 in order to protect the safety of participants. The Courage Ride was originally scheduled to be held on August 15.

“What’s been most striking to me is just how one-sided the rules are when Americans take on their own government…. It has been dismaying to learn the extent to which rules and laws shield the government from accountability for its abuses—or even lawbreaking…. It’s been a long and frightening lesson…. The rules seem rigged to protect government lawlessness, and the playing field is uneven.

Every two years, independent and "third" party candidates for various offices scramble to get their names on ballots around the United States.

Every two years, those candidates come up against and many of them fail to overcome "ballot access" obstacles custom-made to produce the Republican/Democratic monopoly on political power.

Here we go again: Fear of a "second wave" of COVID-19 infections is on world tour. Naturally, the same "experts" who demanded a global lockdown/shutdown in response to the "first wave" are saddling up for an encore. Their logic, faulty the first time around, is even more so the second.