'Daniel Rairdin-Hale, Allison Nook, and Emily Baker in 'Twas the Night Before ChristmasTwas the Night Before Christmas, at Circa's playhouse,

Is a play that`s about a large, loud, stirring mouse.

Bradley Hauskins plays Brierly - it's he who tells

Of a rodent, our star (that role`s Dan Rairdin-Hale`s).


How I laughed Saturday as the mouse, who's named Amos,

Stirred batter to words from the poem so famous.

His best friend, whom Emily Baker does play,

Joins pal Amos on travels to save Christmas Day.


It's directed with humor by one Kim Furness,

And Greg Hiatt the cast did impeccably dress.

Also, Andrea Moore gave them dances to do,

With her bright choreography never askew.


Brad Hauskins and Janos Horvath in 'Twas the Night Before ChristmasHeather Reid, she designed a room all lit with stars,

While Sue Holgersson's sets formed a stage for the spars

Between Amos and Brad Hauskins` character Guy -

He's a swashbuckling swordsman who caught my child`s eye.


That guy's charm and his air made me think of Cap` Hook -

You know, humorous villain and loveable crook.

And for me, stole the show did this Hauskins bad man

Dressed in sparkling blue clothing with sword in his hand.


But while Allison Nook plays a gal named Britannia,

Her Calliope is no second banana.

That elf comes to Emily needing assistance

To tell Santa of a dire holiday instance.


Daniel Rairdin-Hale, Brad Hauskins, Emily Baker, Allison Nook, and Janos Horvath in 'Twas the Night Before ChristmasYou see, Santa skipped the girl's house just last year

Because, from his nice list, someone her name did clear.

Now it`s off to the pole with the help of the mouse

To tell Santa Claus, "Please, do return to our house."


Janos Horvath plays Santa with all the right bits,

And as Mulch, Sir Guy's sidekick, he`s really a stitch.

Horvath also plays Wendell, a kilt-wearing man,

Who's a guest at a party dressed all in tartan.


Circa's staging is nothing but fun all the way

From beginning to end of this year`s Christmas play.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas gives holiday cheer,

Wishing you, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"


'Twas the Night Before Christmas runs at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through December 27, and more information and tickets are available by calling (309)786-7733 extension 2 or visiting Circa21.com.


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