Mischa: Overall, director James Beaudry's Footloose was very solid, and if you like the movie, you're pretty much guaranteed to love this.

Kitty: To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the movie, and I really liked Friday's show.

Directed by Patti Flaherty, the Playcrafters Barn Theatre’s Bad Seed is a thriller in the vein of Stephen King that features strong performances and enough chills to combat the hot summer air. It’s also a fun night out for those looking for something different than your standard theatrical fare.

Director Courtney Crouse and music director Sabin Fisher, along with their cast, crew, and production staff, have crafted an extraordinarily entertaining production bursting with high-level musicianship, engaging acting, and visual verve, telling of a legendary studio session involving Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

A supremely enjoyable night out on the town, the full experience of the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse's latest presentation includes some great food, a blast of a pre-show, and an amazing musical – Jersey Boys to cap things off. With the production helmed by Michael Ingersoll, this is an evening of theatre not to be missed.

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The Quad Cities’ summer-theatre season is finally underway and Quad City Music Guild’s production of A Little Night Music, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, a book by Hugh Wheeler, and directed by Colleen Houlihan, is a good start to it, boasting strong performances and some killer vocals.

With freshly painted arches and some ghostly trees on the furthest front flats, set designer Miranda Callahan’s work on Medea was interesting enough to generally distract me from the gnats that were apparently immune to insect repellent.

Care to enjoy some frolicking, singing gorillas (and people) without leaving the QC? I suggest visiting the Spotlight Theatre for Tarzan: The Musical, an adaptation of the 1999 Disney animated film.

It must be summer again, because I’m back to making the trek upstate to Timber Lake’s cozy playhouse in the woods. And as directed by Jay Berkow, their 2024 opener, The Nerd, is a crowd-pleasing comedy that features strong performances and solid jokes.

It took time for some of the performers in director John Donald O'Shea's production at the Richmond Hill Barn Theatre to fully inhabit their roles; consequently, I was slow to warm up to the show. But I did. The compelling mystery aspects enter the script late, too, but are ultimately engrossing.