I've visited this little theatre, and knew it was in the mainstage's large green room, but o, my brothers and sisters – I'd never seen it like it is now.

2013's Exit Laughing is at Geneseo's Richmond Hill Barn Theatre, and it is a damn good time. Director Mike Skiles and his cohorts have built an entertaining, satisfying production on the foundation of a solid script.

Kelsey Walljasper directed this slick, joyous production, with Mitch Carter as music director, and with a lovely balance of comedy and heart, it's inspiring, not too serious, and looks and sounds fabulous.

Plucky, abused orphans. English-language literature is full of 'em: Dickens' lads Oliver Twist and David Copperfield; Canada's Anne Shirley; America's optimistic Annie; prehistoric Europe's Ayl; contemporary Britain's Harry Potter. One 177-year-old orphan still going strong is Jane Eyre.

As faithful theatre-goers have proved their devotion to Church Basement Ladies (and its many offspring) since 2007, the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse has resurrected it for the third time. At Thursday's preview night, I saw everything they had made, and behold – it was very good. Yea, those lutefisk-loving Lutherans on the lowest level of the Lord's House have returned.

You're invisible to the characters; there's no interaction between performers and audience, and no talking between spectators. But you can prowl and eavesdrop at will. Everyone witnesses the happenings differently.

Director Rebecca Casad and musical director Christine Rogers have wrangled a large, impressive cast, crew, and staff into an energetic singing, dancing, overall good time.

Mysteries should surprise you. Murder on the Orient Express, the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse's current offering, did so for me in … well, surprising ways.

Director/choreographer Ashley Becher, her performers, and her crew have whipped up one merry and delicious fudging indulgence. You don't need to know the movie to love this show.

If you're one of those folks excitedly looking forward to snow, and this week's forecasted highs in the 60s are bringing you down, you can step into a cold New England night this weekend and bask (sort of) in that chilly atmosphere – plus get a warm, bountiful evening of entertainment – at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre.