The Spotlight Theatre's Peter & the Starcatcher, directed by Whitney Fahner with music direction by Katie Griswold, is yet another of the venue's slick and stylish productions of a lively libretto, this one loaded with big on- and off-stage talent and clever staging.

Holy. Moly. That’s about all I can say about the Richmond Hill Barn Theatre's latest production Drinking Habits, directed by Mike Skiles. But alas, likely you’re wanting more details than a simple exclamation, so let me spell it out for you: This was the most ridiculous piece of theatre I believe I’ve ever seen. Which isn’t to say that Skiles’ production isn’t good.

While Rabbit Hole did have some moments that were quite tense and sad, these weren't the constant moods, and the playwright’s script and the Playcrafters company built a narrative that was human – not overdoing the tragedy, not overdoing the comedy, but existing in a way that was approachable, simple, and touching.

I won’t lie to you: I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to televised baking shows. If you’ve ever opted into watching one yourself, you can rightly assume that you’re in for a treat with the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse's latest offering Just Desserts, its book and lyrics by Barbara Campbell and its music by Brad Ross.

What a treat it was to enjoy this fresh story, with rousing music, performed by some of the most passionate, committed actors I've recently seen – and to know that it was powered by local minds and hearts. So much work went into this treasure.

Each time I've attended a show at Augustana College's Brunner Theatre Center, I'm astonished by both the acting and technical brilliance. We had some great performers and techies during my St. Ambrose days, to be sure – but our theatre certainly wasn't equipped like this one. However, my justifiable envy doesn't lessen my enjoyment while at Augustana, including at Tuesday's dress rehearsal for The 39 Steps, directed by theatre professor Jeff Coussens.

Seeing a play by Lauren Gunderson at the Black Box Theatre is now one of my favorite pastimes. On Thursday, I attended the opening-night performance of Gunderson's The Revolutionists, and my third go-'round with this playwright and this theatre proves that they harmonize as deliciously as Brie and a baguette.

I'll admit I was never a hearty fan of the Animaniacs approach, and as such, found it difficult to fully appreciate this production’s comedic offerings. But note: Just because this particular brand of comedy isn’t my personal favorite doesn’t mean that others on Saturday didn’t wholly love it.

The Lightning Thief, a relatively new musical, had its QCA premiere at the Spotlight, and this production based on Rick Riordan’s YA books about a young half-blood was a delight to watch. It was just as fun and playful as the original book series – and Saturday's telling of this energetic story was inventive, theatrical, and entertaining.

It was thrilling to walk into the Playcrafters Barn Theatre on Saturday and see a large crowd for Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, as about four-fifths of the seats were occupied. And director Teresa Moore, along with her staff, crew, and cast, put together a smooth-running, well-paced, lively, and all-around-enjoyable production.