Held in conjunction with the venue's new January exhibition Blakelock: By the Light of the Moon, the Figge Art Museum's Assistant Curator Vanessa Sage will host a Virtual Curator Talk on January 21, delivering a fascinating discussion on the artist's dynamic paintings, his place in art history, and his connections to the National Academy of Design.

Examples of multimedia, sculpture, photographs, and less traditionally “artistic” artwork are currently decorating the Quad City Arts International Airport Gallery, with the Moline airport, through February 28, housing a trio of exhibits featuring works by Drew Morton and Pete Mauney, as well as pieces compiled under the category of “Mid-Century Artifacts,” under the blanket title A Trip Back in Time.

A new exhibition by a local artist and naturist who has long had an affinity for the woods, Pat Halverson: Woods & Water serves as the first 2021 exhibition at the Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy, with the exhibit's January 8 through 27 showcase at the Bettendorf venue taking guests through the diverse views of nature captured in painting.

Colorful paintings and fascinating installations will be showcased in the first 2021 exhibitions at the Quad City Arts Center, with the Rock Island venue, from January 11 through March 19, housing installations by Wisconsin artist Keith Kaziak in Turn on the News and paintings by Rock Island native Elaine Rexdale in Machinations of a Colorholic.

Forgeries, mental illness, intrigue, and rapid fame – the dramatic circumstances of Ralph Albert Blakelock’s life often overshadow the merits of his work. But the Figge Art Museum hopes to amend that in the Davenport venue's January 16 through April 25 exhibition, Blakelock: By the Light of the Moon, a showcase of eight exceptional artworks from the museum collection.

Everyone will no doubt agree that 2020 has been a challenging year, and Davenport's Figge Art Museum invites guests to reflect on the long journey in 2020 Vision: You Are Here, You Are Not Alone, a new exhibition – on display from December 23 through February 14 – that provides several chances for visitors to participate and contribute both in person and from home.

As home to one of the largest collections of Haitian art in the United States, the Figge Art Museum is set to celebrate its vast assemblage of beautiful, evocative, fascinating pieces in Haitian Masterworks, a new exhibition, on display through January 24, that will focus on prevalent themes in Haitian art including spirituality, transformation, the natural world, everyday life, and Haitian history.

What part of yourself must you hide or bury for another to survive? This question is at the core of the Figge Art Museum's new exhibition T.J. Dedeaux-Norris Presents the Estate of Tameka Jenean Norris, an October 24 through January 31 showcase of the (living) University of Iowa assistant professor's work, and an exhibit designed to explore the complex legacy of an artist’s identity after their passing.

Natural depictions of American subjects will soon be on glorious display at the Figge Art Museum, as the Davenport venue showcases noted 20th-century artists and their timeless works in New American Scene: Recent Acquisitions to the Figge Collection, the latest Gildehaus Gallery exhibition on view from October 10 through March 7.

Rarely considered pieces of furniture will be made fascinating in a current Figge Art Museum exhibit, with the Davenport venue, through January 17, showcasing fully functional artworks in Seating by Design an exhibition the museum's executive director Michelle Hargrave says should “inspire ideas and new ways to consider the things that we are sitting on so much. Particularly nowadays while we're spending so much time in our homes.”