MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (March 5, 2021) — Adrienne Hagen didn't exactly plan the timing this way, but she is in the midst of leading a series of events in her field, which one of her Monmouth College colleagues called an "exceptional" achievement for someone so early in her career.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (March 3, 2021) — David Suda, a Monmouth College professor widely-acclaimed by his colleagues and former students as a "Renaissance man," died February 27 at the age of 77 at his Sarasota, Florida, home.


Monmouth College graduates Kuang Khant Nyein ('20) and Ei Ei Khine ('18) are pictured at one of the College's Cultural Festival events during their time as students.


Monmouth College Associate Director of Admission Wendy Downing

MONMOUTH. ILINOIS (February 25, 2021) — Monmouth College has been recognized as one of the nation's most transfer-friendly schools for community college students.


Monmouth-Knox softball game in 2019

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (February 19, 2021) — Monmouth College athletics will return to competition this spring.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (February 17, 2021) — Monmouth College faculty member Chris Goble has a lot to say about one of his passions — comic books.

And one of the things Goble says when speaking about that topic is that comic books themselves have a lot to say.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (February 16, 2021) — When Monmouth College theatre professor Todd Quick was planning his department's next production in the midst of a pandemic, he decided to think small.

Very small.


David Konstan, a professor of classics at New York University

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (February 15, 2021) — Can a person be angry at someone and afraid of them at the same time?

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (February 12, 2021) — Monmouth College philosophy professor Anne Mamary has been a huge fan of the Harry Potter series for two decades, so much so that she even teaches a course called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Soul.”

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (February 11, 2021) — Rebecca Quick, an art and mathematics major from Moline, is one of the artists whose work has been selected for the Annual Juried Art Exhibit at Monmouth College.