JOHNSTON, IOWA (November 2, 2021) — Between 2011 and 2014, a drought slowly squeezed moisture, and opportunity, from the Iowa landscape. In 2018, rain showers slowed to a trickle in the state, resulting in a record-setting drought that continues today. Iowa's Wild Weather: Drought, a new project from Iowa PBS, examines the causes of and responses to the increasing frequency and intensity of droughts in the Midwest.

JOHNSTON, IOWA (October 13, 2021) — Join Iowa PBS virtually on Tuesday, November 9, 7PM, for a Pop-Up Film Series event featuring Iowa's Wild Weather: Drought. This new program from Iowa PBS examines the struggles Iowans have faced as drought conditions dry up rural life and the opportunities that go along with it.

JOHNSTON, IOWA (August 30, 2021) — Join Iowa PBS at the Maytag Auditorium in Johnston on Saturday, October 2 at 9AM or 11AM for a special advanced screening of PBS KIDS' newest program, Alma's Way! Created by actor and writer Sonia Manzano, known to generations of children as Maria from Sesame Street, the series follows 6-year-old Alma Rivera, a proud Puerto Rican girl who lives in the Bronx with her parents and younger brother.

JOHNSTON, IOWA (August 24, 2021) — Veteran political journalist David Yepsen will retire next month as host of Iowa PBS's weekly public affairs program, Iowa Press. Yepsen has served as host since January of 2017, following countless appearances as a guest panelist since the late 1970s.

JOHNSTON, IOWA (August 23, 2021) After 10 fresh and flavorful seasons, Iowa PBS's Iowa Ingredient is hanging up its apron. The locally-produced series that takes viewers on an exploration of the farms, chefs, and ingredients that make Iowa food uniquely Iowan will premiere its tenth, and final, season Thursday, September 2, 6:30PM.

JOHNSTON, IOWA (June 17, 2021) — The curtain is rising once again on the Iowa High School Musical Theater Awards Showcase. Celebrating the achievements of students involved in high school musicals across the state, and featuring hundreds of students representing 33 Iowa high schools, the event will air on Iowa PBS Friday, July 9, 8:30PM.

JOHNSTON, IOWA (May 27, 2021) — Iowa PBS, Iowa Public Radio, and xBk are excited to announce Juneteenth: The Movement, a two-hour live television, radio, and digital event celebrating the Juneteenth holiday. This special live multimedia experience will occur one-time-only on June 19, 7-9PM, on Iowa PBS, Iowa Public Radio News/Studio One signals, and livestreaming on YouTube and the Facebook event.

JOHNSTON, IOWA (May 25, 2021) — As Iowa girls battle for a ticket to the state soccer tournament, Iowa PBS is preparing to provide live coverage of the championship action, heartache, and victories.

JOHNSTON, Iowa (May 11, 2021) — Join Iowa PBS virtually on Tuesday, June 22, 7PM, for a VIP Watch Party featuring NOVAEagle Power. This program takes viewers into the lives of these spectacular birds, following a nest of bald eaglets as they face everything from sibling rivalries to insect swarms and learn the skills they'll need to survive.

JOHNSTON, IOWA (April 21, 2021) — High-school students in Iowa can get a unique glimpse into the world of television production and public media while gaining practical and valuable experience in the industry. In order to broaden opportunities for minority and female-identifying high-school students, Iowa PBS is offering a television production mentorship program for summer 2021.