District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra argues that special treatment is being given to the high-profile defendants by the judge and asks for his recusal.

There is a federal lawsuit against former Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. It claims the President elect is not a natural born citizen of the United States, and therefore is ineligible
to run for, or be the president under the U.S. Constitution. A University of
Toledo law graduate is responsible for filing this lawsuit. FOX
Toledo's Kristi Leigh reports. (October 2008)


Millions of Americans have voted for
Barack Obama to "fix" our economy and are breathlessly awaiting
his inauguration so that he can implement his plans to "get America
back to work." Are those voters ever in for a surprise.

In a November 22 radio address, Obama
stated that "we are facing an economic crisis of historical
proportions" (true enough) and that "we must do more to put our
people back to work and get our economy moving again."

 How does our new president-to-be intend
to achieve this result? Obama declared that "I have already
directed my economic team to come up with an Economic Recovery Plan
that will mean 2.5 million more jobs by January of 2011," and that
"we'll put people back to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and
bridges, modernizing schools that are failing our children, and
building wind farms, solar panels, fuel-efficient cars, and
alternative energy technologies ... "

 This, I submit, is the worst kind of
economic claptrap, and is easily demonstrable as such.

Today thousands of citizens created awareness about the myths and dangers of the Federal Reserve central banking cartel by organizing rallies at over 35 federal reserve offices/banks nationwide.
Congressman Ron Paul, who introduced HR 2755 aka Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act in 2007, spoke at the Houston rally today.

Today, Nov 22, also happens to be the anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination.
No doubt this was not lost on the organizers of today's End the Fed rallies. 
A few months before he was killed, JFK signed executive order 11110 as an attempt to eliminate the Federal Reserve.
There is coverage of today's End the Fed rallies from call ins around the nation through midnight tonight at www.rtrradio.com

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul's speech in Houston today covered sound money alternating with central banking as
America's monetary system throughout history. He also shared details of
his questioning of Ben Bernanke upon the Fed Chair's retrun from his
meeting with the European central banks. Dr. Paul states that Bernanke
operates within the parameters of the law, but not the constitution,
when he refuses to confirm or deny plans to participate in a global
federal reserve system.

years later, the Reader is still afflicting the comforted and
comforting the afflicted. This is true, thanks in no small part to
you, the loyal reader. The Reader began its independent
publishing career in October 1993 and was a monthly publication for
20 months before converting to a weekly edition in the summer of
1995. The Reader is picked up at more than 700 distribution
locations every week throughout the entire Illinois and Iowa Quad
Cities region and enjoys a printed circulation between 17,500 and
20,000 each week.

anyone paying attention to urban development in the Quad Cities is
familiar with Dan Carmody. Carmody spent 18 years reinventing and
re-energizing Rock Island as director of Renaissance Rock Island. He
recently accepted a similar position in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (See
"The Man Behind Rock Island Renaissance," River
Cities' Reade
r, October 19, 2005.)

the years, the Reader has
often written about Carmody's projects and ideas, including the
most recently published "Vacation Manifesto: Radical Ideas to Grow
the Quad Cities" (River Cities'
, June 14, 2006).

Third Ward alderman, Keith Meyer, upon reading that "manifesto,"
requested that the city hire Carmody to speak to city leaders
regarding his ideas and other important growth issues.

the City of Davenport Design Center hosted a presentation by Carmody,
at the Figge Art Museum inside the Deere Auditorium last Monday
evening. The event was billed "A Game of Twenty Civic Questions: a
lively, interactive session that considers key questions for
successful regional development with emphasis on urban core
development and global issues."


As we compiled the calendar listings and stories relating to what lies ahead this fall for the arts in our communities, we couldn't help but pause to comment on how stellar the summer has been for the arts in the Quad Cities.

It's time for elected officials and city staffers to wake up with regards to funding tourism in the Quad Cities. Nationwide leisure travel has caught up with business travel, which has remained flat for the past two years.

MyPlane, a fractional-ownership air-travel service, had an open house at Elliot Aviation air field in Moline last Wednesday. MyPlane is a sister company to Short's Travel Management, which is headquartered in Waterloo, Iowa.