Bushed in Iowa

One thing is certain about the Republicans: When it comes to campaigning, they run a tight ship. I have never seen so many people moved in and out of a public forum so efficiently as I did last Wednesday when President Bush held a rally in LeClaire Park.

During the screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 that I attended, someone opened the door of the theatre and screamed into the auditorium, "Liberals suck! Michael Moore's a bitch!" and ran off. Moore has, once again, obviously touched a tender nerve with his latest production.

Editor's note: In 1995, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, Todd McGreevy traced the history of the event and the organization that plans and runs it. On the occasion of the 20th festival, the Reader is reprinting this condensed version.

What's the best sightseeing to do in Vegas in 100-degree-plus weather?

Stay mostly inside and check out the great art scene.

Last Thursday I took the inaugural nonstop flight to Las Vegas from the Quad Cities airport.

Personality, testing scores, IQ, and pedigree are not what makes one an effective leader. "Leadership is a decision-based skill set," stated Dr. Robert Sternberg, Ph.D., last Thursday at a dinner hosted at Augustana College's Wilson Center.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse will be performing this Sunday at The Mark. The show is set in a more intimate theatre style seating of 5,700 and is in support of their 2003 release of Greendale. (As of this writing only 500 seats are left.

In the coverage that follows you will find as close to comprehensive coverage of the four-day MidCoast Film & Arts Festival as possible.

As one of the event founders and co-chairs, it has been my job to assist with publicity, programming, and logistics.

Local painter Pete Schulte recently was juried into a weeklong exhibit in New York City, his second showing in the Big Apple in just over a year. (See "Mirror Repair" in the River Cities' Reader, July 3, 2002.

MidCoast Fine Arts re-invented its annual pastel competition this year. The high-school-driven event was moved to the Bettendorf Family Museum campus and expanded beyond a visual-arts competition to a "trade show" of sorts that showcased our area's high-school talent in digital media, film, and music.

Musically, we Quad Citians have a lot to be thankful for. Never mind the bullocks of national and statewide headline-making surveys, measuring our "cool" factor; the Quad Cities has it going on!

Consider the number of opportunities this past weekend for music-related recreation.