Pregnancy Ad

scene: two white 30-something parents hover over an early pregnancy test

sound: no music, just tense ambient noise

screen script: "There will be an addition soon to their family.

Being a Wilco virgin, I was under the tutelage of a handful of veteran listeners who explained that Wilco was more then just alt country. The band’s latest album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot has garnered much critical acclaim and was even being compared to the Beatles’ White Album, stated one of my new mentors.

More than 100 artists' works in ceramics, fibers, glass, metals, wood, and mixed media explore the boundaries between art and craft in a massive exhibit at the Davenport Museum of Art. Defining Craft 1: Collecting for the New Millennium is on display through November 3 and has such luminaries in the art world as Gehry, Chihuly, Lichtenstein, Castle Sherman, and Paley.

Continuing its tradition of geurilla-style exhibits in non-traditional spaces, the Kanga Arts Cooperative hosted an opening evening of mixed- media art and sounds at the offices and retail location of Gemvision in downtown Davenport last Saturday.

For an online gallery, click here.

Meticulous, stubborn, driven, and original are all descriptions that come to mind when considering local artist Pete Schulte, who opened his first New York City exhibition this past Tuesday, July 2nd, at the artist-run 55 Mercer Gallery in the Soho District.

Back in 1996, MidCoast Fine Arts exported its "art-in-the-empty-storefronts" model from the Rock Island District to downtown Davenport with the Art Under Glass program. Rotating juried exhibits of local and regional art have filled the empty storefronts of the Redstone and the Parker buildings on 2nd Street ever since.

The largest contingent of Quad Cities' private business and public sector leaders ever assembled flew to Washington, DC, last week and spent three days meeting face-to-face with all eight of our region's elected federal legislators.

"Forty years ago, if an American man or woman meant to have an artistic career, you got on the train to New York. Today, you can be a violinist in North Carolina, a writer in Iowa, a painter in Utah."

- Garrison Keillor, March 29, 1990

Like many businesses here, the Reader is participating in an exciting mission to help position our Quad Cities community as a top-tier Midwestern destination for people to live, work, and play.

Is anyone else getting tired of the world-according-to-the-armchair-quarterbacks-at-the- Quad-City-Times? Case in point: "Keeping Score in the Quality of Life," published on Sunday, March 25. Drawing on "the observations of hundreds of Quad Citians, scores of reports, and visits to other similarly sized U.

The hypocrisy and self-serving nature of the Quad City Times' editorial page knows no bounds.

Case in point No. 1: Editor John Humenik's posturing on "An emotional price for finding the truth," which appeared last Sunday.